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Three HSC study hacks you probably didn’t know (and one you did)

There are universal HSC study tips, and there are personal ones. Like whether you should study alone or in a group, after dinner or before breakfast, propped up with caffeine or with carrot sticks, and more besides.

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Myth-busting Gallipoli: five common misconceptions you need to rethink

Few events in Australian history have been so closely examined as the Gallipoli campaign of 1915, and yet no other has yielded so many myths.

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Trilogy Education announces first Coding Boot Camp in partnership with the University of Sydney

This part-time program offers a web development course beginning 25 June 2019

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Welcome to the age of the 60-year-curriculum

There’s a new way of imagining what continuing education means to us, and it’s called the 60-year curriculum. Actually, this change has been decades in the making.

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3 steps to acing Italian with our conversation classes

It sounds like a stretch if you’re just starting Italian lessons, but one day those language skills might take you deep into the world of Caesar and Cleopatra.

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