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All you need to train your team

Choose from our public short courses or create your own customised training experience.

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Industry experts

Industry experts

Learn from the best in the business. Our facilitators actively work in the industry they teach. Get insider tips and tricks from the experts.

Course choice & quality

Course choice & quality

Experience the same high-quality content and presenter that everyone has come to expect from our public courses.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Save time and money. Get your entire team trained up quickly and easily while benefiting from discounted rates.

USYD certificate of completion

The University of Sydney statement of completion

Boost your employee's resume with a world-renowned university. Every participant receives a University of Sydney statement of completion.

Account management

Exclusive content

Access exclusive webinars to continue improving your knowledge and stay ahead of the trend.


Tailored to organisational needs

Off-the-shelf content can be customised to suit your organisation. Get the exact content you need that's relevant to your team.

Delivery options

  • At your premises

    Get expert training without leaving your workplace. Learn in a comfortable, familiar environment.
  • On campus

    Avoid the hassle of organising your own venue. Learn on campus at one of our many locations.
  • Virtual

    Learn from anywhere around the world. Get the same quality education as in-person courses.

Types of training

  • Off the shelf courses

    Get the same quality training as our public courses, ready-to-deliver at the lowest cost. Save money with group training rates.
  • Custom course program

    Save time and money by not having to develop training from scratch. Tailor our courses to your specific needs for a perfect fit.
  • Bespoke training

    Get custom-made courses that perfectly match your needs. Benefit from training courses that have been designed specifically for your team.

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What people say about our courses

Popular course areas

Business communications

Learn to communicate effectively. Leaders understand the power of great communication. This is what sets them apart from their peers and enables them to drive their company forward.

Business strategy

Make the big picture management decisions that improve business performance. Our business strategy courses can help you tackle the big picture and position your business for success.

Cultural competence and diversity

Understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. We are offering comprehensive courses to help build your team’s cultural fluency.

Data analysis and analytics

Unlock the insights hidden in your data. Our Data Analysis and Analytics courses will give you the skills you need to turn complex data into actionable insights and support important business decisions.


Improve your financial planning skills and make sound financial decisions. We know that understanding the ins-and-outs of finance is key for any prosperous organisation, which is why we offer our excellent range of finance courses.

Human resources

Learn expert skills for supporting others in your workplace. If you’re looking to go from good to great in the realm of human resources, now is the perfect time to join us and take one of our HR courses.


Create a vision and lead your team to success. Are you looking to become a business leader? Do you want to contribute to the success and development of your organisation?


Gain the skills you need to excel as a manager. Looking for a way to build your confidence and management skills? Or are you in need of the knowledge and tools to excel in any managerial role?


Unlock the power of Microsoft and maximise your productivity. Are you looking to take full advantage of the huge range of platforms and features Microsoft has to offer? If so, then our Microsoft courses are perfect for you.

Organisational psychology

Use psychology to help you achieve better business outcomes. Discover our organisational psychology courses and unlock your potential for growth!

Project Management

Master the art of successful project management with our expert training. We offer a wide range of Project Management courses to help professionals like you advance their careers and succeed in the constantly changing business world.

Sales and customer service

Learn how to increase sales and customer loyalty. Our sales courses and customer service courses are designed to provide you with all the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in business.

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