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Bespoke courses for businesses and individuals.

We have many courses to choose from whether you’re starting out, looking to improve your career prospects, or pursuing a passion.

We offer bespoke training solutions – in-person or online, through interactive delivery in real-time. We can work with you to provide a fully customised corporate learning solution to address your staffs' requirements.


Benefits to you

Cost savings – for groups of 10 or more participants it’s an extremely cost-effective and time-efficient way of developing your staff.

Convenience – we can present our courses at your premises, our CBD venue or an alternative location at a time of your choosing.

Relevance – off-the-shelf content can be tailored to suit your organisation. Your staff will benefit from both your and our individual attention.

Discretion – if you or your staff have a confidential issue or project to work through, it can sometimes be difficult to discuss these in a public forum. An in-house course offers the opportunity to develop your staff with discretion.

Quality – you’ll experience the same quality of content and presenter you’ve come to expect from our public courses.

Follow up – we provide a report on participants' feedback ensuring you have a record of the success of the event.

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Arts and humanities

Arts and humanities courses are a fantastic way to explore interesting topics. They also help to develop your analytical thinking and communication techniques – useful in whichever career you choose.

Business and management

When you enrol in a business and management training course at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education, you’re making a valuable investment in your professional life.


Improve your spoken and written English skills with CCE courses designed to strengthen your grasp of the English language. These courses are ideal for anyone who wants to revisit or further their understanding of English grammar.

Horticulture and gardening

Learn horticulture and gardening the smart way with horticulture and gardening courses at CCE, the University of Sydney.

HSC preparation (years 10-12)

The HSC syllabus has changed. We’ve responded, with an all-new program of over 60 HSC preparatory courses led by brilliant educators who will get you focused on the content that matters.

Human resources

An organisation’s greatest asset is its employees. The huge expansion of the HR industry in recent years has resulted in an urgent demand for ongoing training and development.

Information technology

If you’re competent in IT, you’re invaluable to your workplace. But as we’re all aware, it’s a field that’s constantly changing. The information technology courses at the Centre for Continuing Education are designed to get you on top of the latest developments.

Language and culture

Of course, learning a different language is not just for overseas travellers. You may want to gain a greater appreciation of your heritage, speak with friends from other countries, or you may simply enjoy the intellectual stimulation of learning another way to communicate.


The Centre for Continuing Education has a wide range of marketing courses. From content marketing and social media, to writing persuasively and editing, you’re sure to find courses to suit you or your business.

Music and film

Almost 100 per cent of Australians say the arts play a role in their lives, according to a survey by the Australian Council for the Arts.

Project management

Our new program of project management courses has been developed in conjunction with the University of Sydney’s School of Project Management – ensuring we deliver you the highest quality content by expert trainers.

Psychology and psychiatry

Are you fascinated by people’s behaviour and thought patterns? You’re not alone. Our psychology courses cover a range of perspectives, from personal insights and self-help, to workplace psychology and practical everyday applications.

Public sector

Working in government can provide the opportunity to effect real change and the satisfaction of serving your community. At the Centre for Continuing Education, we have a range of courses that will equip you to work across all levels of government.

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