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The University of Sydney alumni

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The University of Sydney alumni are eligible to receive a 10% discount on enrolments with the Centre for Continuing Education.

Recent graduates (alumni who graduated less than a year ago) are eligible to receive a 50% discount on professional development courses. These courses fall under the following subject areas on our website: Business and Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing and Project Management. This discount can be used multiple times. The standard alumni discount applies on all other courses.

These discounts are only available to alumni of the University of Sydney and not current students who have yet to graduate.

To participate, register your details using our secure form. Once your membership has been activated we’ll send you an email confirming that your discount is in place. To ensure you receive your discount, please wait until you receive our confirmation before attempting to enrol. Your discount will be applied automatically for all future enrolments, provided you use the same name and email address. Registration requests submitted outside normal weekday business hours or on public holidays may not be processed until the next business day. Discount offer applies to courses attended by the registered individual only. Discount may not be combined with other discount offers. register now