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5 courses to help you and your business adapt to change

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5 courses to help you and your business adapt to change


The world moves fast' is an oft-used adage that in recent times (thanks to crises like the recent bushfire season and the coronavirus pandemic) has taken on a whole new dimension.

For many of us, business strategy, revenue targets, and business operations have had to change rapidly in a matter of weeks. Not to mention the personal challenges inherent in a sudden transition to Working From Home (WFH), constant Zoom meetings and either complete social isolation, or WFH with a full-house.

Reflecting back on the rapid changes seen in our workforce, we have picked five CCE courses that will enable you and your team to quickly adapt to unexpected change.

Best of all – these courses are all currently online, meaning you can make the most of your time WFH.

  1. Build a Resilient and Optimistic Mindset Course
    Rapid change is challenging for most of us, but how we react to it makes all the difference. This course will give you the ability to learn positively from challenges, negative experiences and setbacks, helping you to flourish in even the most challenging situations.

  2. Business Process Design and Implementation
    Are you one of the many businesses that has had to change your strategy in a matter of weeks? Our Business Process Design course teaches best practice techniques for designing (or rapidly re-designing) processes and strategies for implementing them.

  3. Crisis Management Course for Critical Thinkers
    This course seeks to equip leaders and managers with an understanding of how they can best prepare, respond and learn lessons from crises they face within an organisation, weighing the odds of success in their favour. You can’t always prepare for the unexpected, but this course will help you get pretty close.

  4. Design and Innovation Thinking Course
    Customers are always looking to those organisations that best solves their problems and makes their life easier or better – especially in times like these. This course will show you how to implement innovation in your business or organisation by using a design thinking/human-centred approach.

  5. Key Account Management Course
    The slow-down in the Australian economy has seen a significant downturn in businesses spending. Now more than ever, it is important to properly manage your existing clients. In this course you’ll learn techniques for generating reoccurring and new business from existing customers – boosting your company’s revenue.
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