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NLP Course: Communication Excellence

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Eleanor Shakiba
Eleanor Shakiba is an expert in ‘people skills’. She has trained over 49,000 people in the skills of breakthrough communication. She has been teaching at the Centre for Continuing Education for over ten years.

Eleanor 's qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology, Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Master Practitioner and Trainer certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, accreditation to administer MBTI and DISC psychometric instruments and LEADR training in mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution.

Are you ready to power up your communication skills? Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you a powerful toolkit for relating to other people. Learn to use NLP’s breakthrough communication skills – including rapport-building, solution focussed questioning and meta model language. See how to lay the foundations of high impact communication and increase your influencing skills. Hear how to short-circuit power games and handle difficult people. Try out step-by-step processes for catering to a listener’s processing preferences, so you can get people to listen to you. Master practical communication skills and learn how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming in practical ways.

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The communication skills you learn in this NLP course can be used at work and in your personal life. For example, you can use them to:

  • Cut out behaviours that undermine your personal influence.
  • Communicate with power and conviction.
  • Prevent conflicts, difficult situations and disagreements disrupting your relationships.
  • Connect with others and build harmonious relationships.
  • Stop feeling unsure about how to get your point across.
  • Become the most influential, successful communicator you can be.


You’ll come out of this session knowing how to use NLP to build your communication and influencing skills. Discover why NLP is such a powerful communication modality. Hear what experts in NLP do to create great results when they communicate. Learn how to:

  • Use the NLP communication model to overcome barriers to successful communication.
  • Track eye movements, gestures and language patterns in order to work out the best way to influence someone else.
  • Match your message to your listener’s processing preferences.
  • Build rapport using matching and mirroring techniques.
  • Use influential language patterns – including the NLP meta model and Milton model.
  • Use solution focused questions when handling conflict.
  • Sort out disagreements using NLP’s ‘perceptual positions’ model.

How is this course different to the other NLP courses at CCE?

All the NLP courses at CCE complement each other. Each one focuses on a different application of NLP. Communication Excellence focuses on using NLP to influence others. It teaches you to build rapport, use framing and reframing techniques and match another person’s perceptual filters. Like all the NLP courses at CCE, this is a highly interactive course, in which you will be applying NLP techniques every week.

How can put your learning to use?

The practical focus of this course means that you use what you learn immediately.

Communication tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming can be used in business to build teams, create positive client relationships, deliver high impact presentations and increase sales effectiveness. Personally, you can use the skills covered in this communication skills course to create more harmonious relationships, influence difficult people and become a confident communicator.


This neuro-linguistic programming course covers the following topics:

Topic one: making yourself a model communicator

  • Explore what NLP is and how it can make you a better communicator.
  • Understand NLP’s model of communication and apply it in your life.
  • Use the habits of successful communicators – which NLP practitioners modeled by studying star communicators – to improve your influencing skills.

Topic two: getting your point through perceptual filters

  • Recognise and match someone’s ‘perceptual filters’.
  • Follow others' eye movements and language patterns to gather clues about how they’re taking in information.
  • Develop flexible language habits, so you can change your message to suit your listener.

Topic three: building rapport

  • Lay the foundations of trusting communication using NLP rapport-building techniques.
  • Match someone’s physiology, language patterns and beliefs in order to connect with them.
  • Guide and redirect a conversation using ‘pacing and leading’ techniques.

Topic four: using Satir styles to overcome communication barriers

  • Understand Virginia Satir’s communication styles model.
  • Recognise the five Satir styles – and how they can block communication.
  • Choose whether to match or mismatch someone’s Satir style.

Topic five: seeing the situation from another perspective

  • Gain insight into others' viewpoints using NLP’s ‘Perceptual Positions’ model.
  • Change your perspective in order to improve communication.
  • Ask ‘metal model’ questions in order to understand someone else’s perspective.

Topic six: sorting out conflict

  • Use influential language patterns to make conflict resolution easier.
  • Create a conflict map in order to sort our differences of perspective.

Who teaches this course?

Eleanor Shakiba is a leading NLP trainer, based in Sydney. She has taught over 48,000 people – like you- to use breakthrough thinking and communication tools. She has written over ninety training courses and produced 12 audio programs to help you excel at work. She is accredited to train in NLP by the International NLP Trainers' Association (INLPTA).

Eleanor is also qualified in Social Anthropology, Adult Education, Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution. Her passion is helping professionals learn skills for success in the real world.

Intended Audience

This NLP course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to enhance their communication skills using NLP. Participants will get the most from this course if they are:

  • Willing to contribute to group discussions.
  • Confident communicating verbally in English.
  • Comfortable participating in role play style activities.

Delivery Style

This is an interactive NLP course. It covers the why, what and how of using NLP to become a better communicator. You’ll learn through a variety of methods including:

  • Small group discussions.
  • Role plays or simulations.
  • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts.
  • Question and answer sessions with the trainer.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Certificate of completion

What others say.

  • Great short course, the day just flew by, made all the better with a great trainer.

  • The lecturer was great! The sessions were entertaining and interesting. I really enjoyed every minute of that well designed course. Thank you for a high quality content and delivery!

  • The presenter certainly provided excellent facilitation and knowledge and skilfully guided the group with sincerity and passionate expertise.