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Course description

Technology Boot Camps at the University of Sydney will equip you with the fundamental skills needed in your chosen field.

Whether you choose to pursue coding, cybersecurity or fintech, over the course of 24 weeks, you’ll be immersed in an intensive program. Participants not only learn the fundamentals, but also apply the knowledge to solve real-world problems, bolstering their skill set.

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The 240-hour curriculum includes classroom instruction and, on average, 20 additional hours per week on outside projects and experiential learning activities.

These collaborative projects help course participants build a comprehensive professional portfolio to showcase their abilities and hone their competitive edge in the job market.

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Career ready

The career services team provides course participants with the training and guidance needed for their job search.

Through resume and social media profile support, industry speakers, portfolio reviews, career coaching, technical interview training, and more, you will be empowered to find the job that’s right for you.

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Course features

  • The Coding Boot Camp equips participants with the core skills needed for a career in web development and technology through engaging classes.

  • The Cybersecurity Boot Camp gives participants hands-on training in networking, systems, web technologies, and defensive and offensive cybersecurity.

  • The FinTech Boot Camp trains participants in the cutting-edge tools and technologies associated with the modern financial services sector.

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