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Negotiation Skills Course for Professionals

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Eleanor Shakiba
Eleanor Shakiba is an expert in ‘people skills’. She has trained over 49,000 people in the skills of breakthrough communication. She has been teaching at the Centre for Continuing Education for over ten years.

Eleanor 's qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology, Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Master Practitioner and Trainer certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, accreditation to administer MBTI and DISC psychometric instruments and LEADR training in mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution.

This negotiation skills course is designed to help you power up your negotiation skills. Learning negotiation skills is a smart career move. Managers, consultants, service providers and salespeople can all benefit from becoming better negotiators. Explore four principles of win/win negotiation. Hear how to plan and structure a negotiation – whether you’re negotiating individually or as a team. See the tactics professional negotiators use to get positive results from negotiations. Try out a range of negotiation tools, so you can become a confident and assertive negotiator.


Becoming a confident negotiator can help you drive business success, resolve conflicts and get more of what you want in life. The techniques covered in this negotiation skills course can be used to:

  • Prevent other people dominating your negotiations.
  • Keep your negotiations on-track, so you get results which work for you.
  • Prevent relationships being damaged by conflicts and disagreements.
  • Build respectful, positive relationships.
  • Eliminate any ‘bad habits’ which undermine your success as a negotiator.
  • Become the most confident and successful negotiator you can be.


Upon completion of this negotiation skills course you’ll come out of with practical tools for negotiating at work. Discover why professional negotiators take a win/win approach to negotiation. Hear what experts in negotiation and conflict resolution know about getting positive results when negotiating. Learn how to:

  • Decide which approach to take when negotiating in a range of contexts.
  • Use the ‘principle based’ negotiation model.
  • Plan your approach to a negotiation.
  • Map all parties' needs and concerns during a negotiation.
  • Develop options and outcomes using win/win principles.
  • Handle the ‘people’ side of negotiation.
  • Respond to problematic situations which occur during negotiations.

How can put your learning to use?

The practical focus of this course means that you use what you learn immediately. Negotiation skills can be used in business to agree on terms of employment (including your salary), sort out team conflicts, develop commercial contracts and set the price for goods and services. In your personal life, you can use the skills learned in this negotiation skills course to make major purchases, find fair solutions to family conflicts and handle neighbourhood disputes.


The following topics will be covered in this negotiation skills course:

Topic one: Introduction to negotiation

Explore the principles of win/win negotiation and how they can be used to create positive negotiation outcomes. Hear how four key principles can be used in everyday negotiation situations. Learn how to decide whether to take a distributive or integrative approach to a specific negotiation.

Topic two: Planning your negotiation

Learn how to plan your negotiation using three key concepts – BATNA, WATNA and ZOPA. Create a negotiation map in order to assess the situation in which you are negotiating.

Topic three: Exploring needs and concerns

Hear why understanding needs and concerns is a key step in any negotiation. See two key skills– questioning and active listening- being used by professional negotiators. Try out these techniques for yourself. Use a questioning template to lead a conversation about needs and concerns.

Topic four: Creating win/win options

Discuss how creating win/win options increases your influence as a negotiator. See how to draw an ‘option generator’ in order to manage conflicting needs and concerns. Try out win/win problem solving tools.

Topic five: Handling the people side of negotiation

All good negotiation skills course covers the people side of negotiation. After all, people problems can get in the way of solving issues-based problems. Explore ways of handling others' emotions and keeping your own emotions resourceful during negotiation. Hear how to handle difficult behaviours which can block your efforts to find fair solutions during negotiation and conflict resolution sessions.

Who teaches this course?

Eleanor Shakiba is a leading people skills trainer, based in Sydney. She has taught over 48,000 people – like you- to use breakthrough thinking and communication tools. She has written over ninety training courses and produced 12 audio programs to help you excel at work.

Eleanor is qualified in Social Anthropology, Adult Education, Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution. Her passion is helping professionals learn skills for success in the real world.

Intended Audience

This negotiation skills course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to enhance their negotiation skills. Participants will get the most from this course if they are:

  • Willing to contribute to group discussions.
  • Confident communicating verbally in English.
  • Comfortable participating in role play style activities.

Delivery Style

This negotiation skills course will be delivered as an interactive workshop. It covers the why, what and how of negotiating in professional contexts and will be delivered through a variety of methods including:

  • Small group discussions.
  • Role plays or simulations.
  • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts.
  • Question and answer sessions with the trainer.

Recommended Reading

No specific pre-course reading is required. However, some of the material has been taken from the book Difficult People Made Easy by Eleanor Shakiba. You will be provided with your own copy of the book at the course, for you to keep.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Excellent tutor, very engaging on this topic. Great content. Highly recommend!

  • I found the short videos and discussions from them very helpful.

  • I really enjoyed this course – it was well structured and well taught. The presenter is clearly a very experienced tutor and great at what she does.

  • Fantastic course, highly recommended! The presenter had the whole class engaged and excited about understanding the techniques and how to apply these in many different situations.

  • Good value course with practical learning.

  • It was a pleasant, energising atmosphere which I enjoyed thoroughly.

  • Great course! Highly enjoyable. I came away with some useful skills and tools.

  • Facilitator was very well informed, presented information in an interesting, engaging and informative manner.

  • I found the course really empowering and will be able to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in many different situations.

  • Amazing presentation!

Negotiation Skills Course for Professionals
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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Negotiation Skills Course for Professionals
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
$470 GST free

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