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Management Course for New Managers

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Management is not an exact science. The new manager brings to the role a blend of experience, and knowledge accumulated over many years, usually by observation. Engaging in a professional development activity which combines leading edge theory with practical advice is often the missing piece at the beginning of the manager’s journey. This course aims to develop your understanding of the fundamentals of management with a unique blend of theory and practical advice.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Define the role of the new manager.
  2. Discuss the management process in their individual context.
  3. Define self-management.
  4. Apply self-management techniques.
  5. Recognise how to get the best out of others.
  6. Recognise how to manage their team.


This course covers the following content:

  • Review of the specific tasks of the new manager’s role.
  • Exploration of the aspects of leadership in the management role.
  • Mapping of the changes in employers' expectations over the past 10 years and how this has influenced management.
  • Review of workplace behavioural preferences and the implications this has for managing self and others.
  • Application of a model of self-awareness and assess Emotional Intelligence competencies.
  • Identification of role models and the impact on individual management styles.
  • Discussion of the role values play in managing self and others.
  • Application of theories of motivation to practice.
  • Understanding resistance to change in ourselves and others.
  • Identification of the capabilities of effective teams and individuals.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for new supervisors and managers.

Delivery Style

Participants will learn through a variety of methods including:

  • Pre and post course readings (with links to relevant video presentations)
  • Group discussion and small group work
  • Video resources
  • Case studies
  • Self-assessment instruments.

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  • Small class sizes
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  • Statement of completion