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Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Course: Processes and Skills

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Procurement is a strategic function and plays an important role in the cost structure and competitiveness of small and large businesses.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement skills include the management of a broad range of processes that are associated with an organisation’s aim to acquire essential goods and services needed for delivering a service a product, assembling or manufacturing a product, and generally transforming inputs to outputs. These processes include activities such as product and service sourcing, supplier selection, pricing and terms negotiation, transaction and contract management, supplier performance management, and supplier sustainability issues.

By reviewing the end-to-end procurement process, you will develop the capability to identify ways in which value can be added and conversely, depleted. Risk and ethical issues will also be discussed to ensure a high quality of strategic procurement.


  1. Understand sourcing and procurement.
  2. Understand the strategic importance of the functions of both to your organisation.
  3. Write briefs and procurement specifications.
  4. Request proposals, quotations and tenders, including e-procurement.
  5. Able to utilise a wide variety of strategic procurement tools and techniques.
  6. Have enhanced their negotiation skills.
  7. Undertake risk analysis and evaluate submissions.
  8. Manage contracts.
  9. Determine total cost of procuring products and services.
  10. Interpret what probity means in the context of corporate social responsibility.


  • The scope of strategic sourcing and procurement management.
  • Business analysis requirements.
  • Market analysis, sourcing strategies and relationships.
  • Co-ordination of procurement processes and evaluation: The procurement contract: design, tender, evaluation & negotiation; decision criteria e.g. price, service, quality of goods, running costs, technical merit, previous experience, delivery date, cost effectiveness, quality, relevant environmental considerations, aesthetic and functional characteristics, safety, after-sales services, technical assistance and any other relevant matters.
  • Cost is a major factor in contracts for goods and services but there are many others such as customer service and support, delivery, selection, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Tools and Techniques for conducting the procurement process, including e-procurement systems.
  • Assessing results and value for the business.

Intended Audience

Most managers are engaged either directly or indirectly in strategic procurement especially those engaged in tendering, procurement and probity.

  • Logistics and supply chain managers, supervisors and leads.
  • Member of a procurement team.
  • Project Managers and team members.
  • Procurement support officers.
  • Engineers.
  • Government tendering staff.
  • Lawyers assisting organisations in the tender and purchasing processes.
  • Board directors need to have an understanding of strategic procurement.


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  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Brilliant course, content and delivery by tutor. Very interactive and had a good flow.

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Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Course: Processes and Skills
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