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Change Management Course for Organisations

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This change management course for organisations will equip you with the principles of change management and techniques that will support organisational change.

Change can be instigated from within the organisation or imposed by external factors. Either way, making organisational changes needs to be well managed by winning over the hearts and minds whilst preparing teams, individuals and the organisation for success. This requires the change leader to understand the motivational triggers for each team member and to be flexible and creative in achieving positive outcomes for all parties. This course introduces principles and models for enabling large scale change within teams and organisations. Evidenced-based models are explained for achieving successful change management.

To remain competitive, ongoing change is an essential component of businesses to be responsive to the contexts they are operate in. One of the adaptive skills and attributes of a successful leader today is the capability to lead teams through change processes in order to deliver stronger business outcomes. To support you in developing and refining your change management skills, this course draws on principles from leadership, motivation theory, behavioural economics and project management to explain the rationale behind leading approaches to managing change within organisations.

You will be shown how to develop a change plan, select an appropriate change model, apply the model to case studies and real-life scenarios and then post-evaluate to take corrective action where necessary to reinforce the change process. The change process will be addressed across a range of environments, including commercial, government and not-for-profit work settings.


The objectives of this course are to:

  • develop an appreciation of both the business and people dimensions of change
  • understand a range of change management models, including models from Kurt Lewin, John Kotter (1994 and 2014), McKinsey, PROSCI and Gene Hall
  • apply change management model based on the nature/scale of the change and the culture/values and leadership style of the organisation
  • develop a change management plan
  • determine key roles in the change management process
  • sustain organisational change.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • develop a change management plan, taking into consideration both the business and people dimensions of change
  • assign roles in a change process for clarifying responsibilities and achieving required outcomes
  • select from a range of major change models for delivering change successfully across a range of scenarios
  • address obstacles to achieving required change outcomes by drawing on principles form motivation theory, behavioural economics and project management
  • post-implementation reviews to sustain organisational change.


Key considerations when managing change

Examining both the business and people dimensions of change. This includes an appraisal of external and internal contexts that can lead to change, key areas within an organisation impacted by change and the resources required for implementing change successfully.

Change management plan and roles

The structure of a change management plan, including objectives, strategy, processes, business model and setting metrics for measuring success. Clarifying roles and responsibilities within the change process.

Dealing with the people response during the change process

Understanding the emotional phases of change and people responses during a change process How to apply motivation theory for increasing the likelihood of team members embracing changes.

The nature of change management models

Understanding the steps within major change management models, including models from Kurt Lewin, John Kotter (1994 and 2014), McKinsey, PROSCI and Gene Hall.

Application of change management models

How to select and apply change management models in a range of settings, both in reality and through case studies.

Intended audience

Suitable for anyone involved in managing a change process, whether this be on an organisational-wide level or within a team setting. In particular, the course is designed for:

  • Change Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Managers
  • Heads of Departments
  • General Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Communication Managers
  • Change Champions
  • Executive Officers
  • anyone in a supervisory position being impacted by change.

Delivery style

Coursework consists of mini-lectures, followed by practical exercises. These exercises include group work based on case studies. There will be also an opportunity towards the end of the day, to volunteer your own change scenario for building up an action plan based on input from the entire class.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • The facilitator has a wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience which is applied when presenting and teaching the Change Management course - perhaps most importantly, they kept the class engaged with the delivery style, examples and the theory/methodology. All of this contributed to my learning and understanding, and left me wanting more! Thank you.

  • This course tied together practical experience and helped me understand how to best use the skills I already have, as well as knowledge about new things to explore. I will definitely be back for more education and training.

  • Great course that provides a high level overview of the 5 key change management theories. The course was well-paced and allowed for discussion of each theory amongst the group. The tutor is a knowledgeable teacher who kept the discussions on track.

  • Facilitator was awesome and made it worthwhile coming in on a Saturday to learn! Real life experiences, and I enjoyed the application of students' current scenarios they are dealing with.

  • The tutor was excellent. Covered a big topic with clarity and excellent learning experiences. Highly practical.

  • Well organised, terrific content and expertly delivered. The presenter was engaging, funny and truly an excellent trainer. I’ll be looking at doing more courses with you. Lunch was a bonus – and really good value. Thanks.

  • The course was well structured with good examples of the various change management models. Plenty of opportunity to interact with all members of the session. Was very worthwhile.

  • The tutor provided opportunities for participants to analyse each others' work change models which was really valuable in assisting and testing understanding. The delivery style was entertaining and very effective. I would come to more of this tutor’s classes.

  • The course was extremely worthwhile, with a great facilitator who has loads of practical experience and examples. We were able to practice our knowledge by using real case studies and discuss options with the whole group. I found this very useful and it can easily be adopted in the workplace.

  • Course tutor was excellent – I especially like the real world examples and the use of our own personal case studies to illustrate the learnings.

  • Change management is so at the heart of what we need to master in today’s world. Very thought-provoking and educational. Highly recommend to anyone looking for inspirational insight into the various approaches to managing change. The presenter gives great examples and with such a wonderful sense humour, it was really enjoyable.

  • A nice balance of theory and discussion. Enjoyed the ability to attend on a Saturday too. The presenter was fascinating, I wish he was my mentor!

  • A well considered and presented course offering an overview of top down change management models, it’s given me a taster for the topic and some techniques to take back to my workplace.

  • The tutor was exceptionally knowledgeable and had relevant and real life examples to draw from. It was a fantastic introduction to the concepts and different models for change that can be applied and provided plenty of food for thought. It also opened our eyes to how little we really know about change management and change as a topic, which is a good thing.

  • I recently attended the Change Management course and I’m so happy with the course delivery and content. I believe it helped me a lot to clear my doubts. In particular, the way the tutor engaged everyone was inspiring.

  • The change management course exceeded my expectations – the knowledge, experience and professionalism of our tutor was outstanding.

  • The tutor is undoubtedly a real expert in the field of change management. He facilitated the course with a great deal of professionalism covering the models with practical applications drawn from experience. It was a day and money well spent.

  • The lecturer provided both great course content and live examples of change management utilising their broad career. The course provided an excellent introduction to change management.

  • A very contemporary area of management delivered expertly and based on actual experience. Excellent coverage of the major change models that might be applied in organisations. A highly participative workshop.

  • The lecturer was very professional and the course was perfectly tailored to equip me with the knowledge I needed to enhance my skills.

  • An excellent short course overview of fundamental Change Management models. Enjoyable, engaging and effectively delivered.

  • I enjoyed the style of the tutor – teaching with lots of examples. The course provided practical applications for work and the content was relatable and useful.

  • It was a great day, well facilitated and interactive. I walked away having a good introduction to the concepts of change management.

  • The course was excellent. I enjoyed understanding how the application of various models and motivation theories can work in various settings.

  • Great course, well presented, very informative, with a good mix of theory and application. I would recommend it to others.

Change Management Course for Organisations

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Change Management Course for Organisations

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Change Management Course for Organisations

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Change Management Course for Organisations

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What others say.

  • I enjoyed the mix between theory and application during the course. The group was small enough to enable sharing experiences.
  • Great tutor. Extensive knowledge mixed with a good sense of humour.
  • This was an excellent introductory course that provided me with the insight needed to be more effective in my career.
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