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Advanced Facebook Advertising Course

Social media marketing. Learn social media marketing strategies that work.

COVID-19 update: arrangement of our courses

We are now delivering courses online and in-person. Please check the delivery format of each class before enrolling.

Please note that course materials (excluding prescribed texts) are shared electronically within 48 hours of course commencement. Printing is not available.

Facebook adverts are an essential part of a digital marketing strategy for most businesses but getting Facebook ads to drive real results for the business and generate a competitive ROI can be challenging in a crowded and ultra-competitive marketplace. Understanding how to sequence Facebook ads to create a sales funnel and how to uses Facebook’s expanding portfolio of smart AI tools can give marketers the edge over their competition and take Facebook campaigns to the next level.

This course is designed to help marketers with a basic understating of Facebook ads to create structured and sequenced campaigns that can be tracked and monitored each step of the way to reveal performance and opportunity. Learning how Facebook bids for advertising space in the auction and how to create your adverts and buying models to drive the best outcome for your objectives and a deeper insight into Facebook’s reporting platform to help optimise campaigns.


This course aims to show you:

  • how Facebook uses the auction model and how advertisers can bid more strategically
  • how Facebook uses 5 powerful AI tools to help marketers drive performance with their adverts and determine which ones to use when
  • how to sequence Facebook ads and retargeting series to create a sales funnel
  • how to set up and monitor Facebook campaigns using Facebook analytics and attribution models
  • how to use Facebook pixel data within your campaigns and reporting.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • create a multi-layered strategic Facebook advert campaign and sales funnel for both service-based and ecommerce businesses
  • set up and configure Facebook analytics reporting dashboards
  • understand how Facebook uses the advert auction and selecting the appropriate bid options to suit your campaign objective
  • analyse a Facebook campaign for optimisation opportunities and scalability
  • incorporate Facebook pixel data into your campaigns and reports for deeper insights.


  • Part 1: Facebook’s buying and bidding system overview
  • Part 2: The structure of a sales funnel with Facebook ads
  • Part 3: How to match advert objectives to your sales funnel
  • Part 4: Facebook’s Power 5 – AI tools that drive performance
  • Part 5: Analytics and attribution overview
  • Part 6: The ideal campaign structure for any service businesses and ecommerce

Intended audience

  • Digital marketing specialists who want to broaden their knowledge of content marketing.
  • Marketing or Agency professionals looking to assist clients with Facebook ads.
  • Students who would like to expand their Digital Marketing skillset.
  • Social Media Managers and coordinators who want to upskill with Facebook ads.


A basic understanding of the Facebook advertising platform is essential.

Delivery style

Delivered as a practical presentation and workshop, supported by recent case studies and live examples.

Delivery options:

  • presenter-taught workshop using your own device, on University premises
  • online training via the platform Zoom.

Face-to-face classes

You are required to bring your own device. You should ensure your device is fully charged as access to power is limited. Please note that University does not carry any responsibility for your lost, stolen, or damaged devices whilst on the University premises.

Online classes

If you are attending an online class via Zoom, you will need your own device with internet access.

Before the course

Please ensure you have a Facebook business page set up and bring your login details to class. This is a requirement of the course and you will not be able to participate without one.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Advanced Facebook Advertising Course

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<p>Facebook adverts are an essential part of a digital marketing strategy for most

Advanced Facebook Advertising Course

<p>{block name:"Course Tagline - Social Media Marketing"}</p>

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<p>Facebook adverts are an essential part of a digital marketing strategy for most

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