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Small Business Management Course

Small Business. Big ideas for small business.

This small business training course provides a comprehensive overview to support you to effectively manage a small business – from establishing a new business, developing and executing a business plan, promoting your product or service and remaining financially viable in the early stages and during periods of investment for pursuing growth opportunities. In addition, the essential aspects of operational, human resource and financial management of running a small business will be covered in this intensive course.

This small business management course is intended for current or future small business owners who seek to expand on their knowledge and business management skills. Technical skill development includes sales and marketing, advertising and promotion, managing operations and supply chain considerations. Soft skills development includes leadership and management, customer service and human resource management.

In this course, you will be assisted in developing your sales and marketing plan and translating this plan into operational requirements. This extends to managing all stakeholders effectively and implementing a customer service plan. Financing your small business will be given special consideration. You will be shown how to prepare a Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. Setting a budget will be explained and how to manage a business financially using variance analysis and financial ratios.


Course objectives include:

  • how to establish a business structure to satisfy your immediate and medium term needs
  • setting business objectives and developing a business plan to fulfil these objectives
  • preparing a sales and marketing plan for building your business at your required rate of growth
  • developing your financial acumen so that your required rate of growth can be funded
  • preparing a Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for your business
  • setting a budget and managing your business finances using variance analysis and financial ratios
  • effectively managing your operational plan, including how best to satisfy the needs of your customers.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • identify a unique reason for being for your business opportunity
  • develop a business plan to build a viable and sustainable business
  • generate a sales and marketing plan to achieve your require volumes
  • execute an operational plan that delivers true value and minimises waste
  • leverage from your stakeholders to build your business success and deliver excellent customer service.


Business structures

Selecting your business structure – sole trader, partnership, company and trust.

Developing your business plan

Setting your vision/mission, unique reason for being, strategy (pathway for moving forward) and processes for moving forward. This includes resource acquisition and initial requirements for financing.

Sales & marketing plan

Capturing marketing considerations in a plan; following a robust sales process for generating volumes to create a sustainable business.

Operations plan

Ensuring you have sufficient, but not excessive resources, to generate your required volumes. Capturing procurement, manufacturing and supply chain considerations. Developing preventive and contingency plans based on your risk profile.

Financial plan

Building your financial plan using a profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Forecasting and budgeting. Managing your business using variance analysis and financial ratios.

Effective stakeholder management and our customer service plan

How to maximise value with your stakeholders. In doing so, building strong relationships along your supply chain and deliver excellent customer service.

Intended audience

Designed for anyone either starting a business or interested in building their business to a new level. There is no prior skill set assumed and so all aspects of building a successful business are covered.

Delivery style

Coursework consists of mini-lectures, followed by practical exercises. Exercises include building your own business plan and determining your unique reason for being in a class setting. Once this plan is established, you will be assisted in developing your financial and operational plans. The class is delivered in Sydney.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • A great introductory course to small business management.

Small Business Management Course

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What others say.

  • This course was invaluable to me, as I am transitioning from full-time work to starting a small business. The trainer was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful and the course left me feeling empowered and ready to start my business, with a great base knowledge to start from.