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Russian Conversation Course: Advanced

Russian. Learn Russian with us.

Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Broaden your vocabulary and develop language skills through a lively discussion of social and cultural issues. The main topics of discussion include travel, theatre and cinema, and culture and mentality – How are we different and how are we the same?

Suitable for B2 Level students, or those who have a sound knowledge of the language and would like to maintain or improve their fluency.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • improve your language proficiency through speaking, reading and listening
  • consolidate and build upon your previous knowledge
  • expand and practise vocabulary and language structures which are useful in expressing one’s opinions, feelings and thoughts on various topics dealing with life and art
  • mcquire confidence, which will facilitate shedding the psychological barrier often associated with using the language being learned
  • feel motivated to continue.


This course covers the following topics:

  • landscape
  • travel
  • great painters and artists
  • traditions and holidays
  • culture and mentality
  • what stereotypes do we hold? Are they false or true?
  • theatre and cinema
  • great women.

Intended audience

Suitable for B2 Level students, or those who have a sound knowledge of the language and would like to maintain or improve their fluency.

Delivery style

This course is conversation oriented, so most of the class time is dedicated to speaking and listening practice. Revision and introduction of new grammar is introduced to facilitate conversation. It is delivered as a series of interactive workshops and active participation is encouraged. Our tutors use communicative method, and you will practice conversation in pairs or small groups.

A typical lesson includes engaging activities, such as games, presentations, readings, audio and video presentations, and practice conversations.

In addition to the textbook, tutors introduce actual audio, video and reading materials, such as extracts from Russian films, television and radio programs, and newspapers, so that you can learn about and discuss news and current affairs.

Prescribed text

Doroga v Rossiyu. Uchebnik russkogo yazyka. Bazovyy uroven' by V. E. Antonova, M.M. Nahabina, A.A. Tolstyh, St Petersburg – Zlatoust. 2013.
ISBN: 9785865474005

The materials are available for purchase online at The Book Depository.

Please Note

Selected Language and Culture courses that teach spoken language may include use of language immersion (course instruction in the selected language) as part of the training strategy.


  • Expert trainer
  • Small class size (~20 max)

Language courses are offered in four terms each year, approximately in January, April, July and October.

What others say.

  • Spectacular teacher, highly qualified with great personal warmth.

  • An excellent instructor, who uses engaging, effective teaching methods and truly cares about their students. They never hesitated to take time out of class to help a student with problem areas, and they created an interactive and welcoming learning environment. I have already recommended this class to friends, and I plan to enrol in the next semester.

  • Good, experienced, professional teacher.

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