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Japanese Course 404 (Level 16)

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B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Suitable for those who have completed all levels of Japanese up to 403 or 370 hours of recent face to face tuition.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • talk about what effort you must make in order to do something
  • indicate what is being said is what is expected (from general knowledge)
  • talk about the condition for attaining a desired result
  • indicate the reason for an action
  • express that you have no choice but to do a certain thing
  • talk about what other people do, using honorific form
  • talk about your own action, using humble form
  • read and write vocabulary, using approximately 520 Kanji
  • read and write short sentences that includes vocabulary, using approximately 520 Kanji.


This course covers the following topics:


  • Inviting other people to do something together politely and casually
  • Accepting an invitation
  • Declining an invitation
  • Respect for seniors

Looking for a part-time job

  • Jobs for students and job interviews
  • Making a phone call
  • Inquiring about a part-time job
  • Leaving a message on the phone


  • Occasions for gift-giving
  • Humble expressions
  • Expressions when people give or receive gifts

Intended audience

Suitable for B1 level students, those who have completed all levels of Japanese up to 403 or those who have completed 370 hours of recent face-to-face tuition.


Delivered as a series of interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged.

Prescribed text

An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, Revsed Edition (Textbook and Workbook)
Based on Chapters 7–9 of the above text. The text is used for activities and forms the basis for consolidation and practice.

Intermediate Kanji Book Vol. 1, Bonjinsha (ISBN: 9784893588104)
Lessons 2 and 3 are also covered.

Textbooks should only be purchased after confirmation is received from us. This usually occurs up to five days prior to commencement.

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Japanese Course 404 (Level 16)

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