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Business Strategy Course: How to Become a Purpose-Led Organisation

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Before you write a business plan, learn how to create an essential statement of purpose in this two-day workshop-style short course. As a result, you can develop a successful purpose-led business strategy to drive organisational and cultural change for the better.

Purpose is powerful. It is a statement of your organisation’s role in the world that sits far above and beyond profits by inspiring and motivating people into action. Purpose leads and guides the decision-making across your entire organisation, strengthening your long-term strategy. It provides your people with a reason to come to work every day and gives your customers a reason to choose your products and services over others.

Becoming Purpose-Led is proven to be an effective strategy for organisational clarity and success as it impacts on strategy, culture and communication. Done well, purpose is proven to transform businesses, driving performance and positively impacting their people and bottom line in ways they never imagined. In this course, you will define and articulate your professional or business purpose and harness the multiple benefits of/ unlock the power of becoming a Purpose-Led Organisation.


This course aims to develop your understanding of what purpose is and how to uncover, define and begin to align it with your organisation. It is designed to empower you with the thinking, understanding and tools needed to define and articulate your professional or organisation’s purpose. As a result, you will lead and inspire others by establishing the ‘due north’ that guides you and your team and brings more meaning to everyone every day.

The objectives of this course are to ensure you:

  • develop your own purpose discovery session for your organisation or clients
  • apply critical thinking techniques to uncover your meaningful, tangible and inspiring purpose
  • elicit genuine organisational values, contributions and impact
  • learn the importance of values and communication hierarchy to focus on what’s most critical
  • create a draft professional purpose statement
  • develop a framework for becoming a Purpose-Led Organisation.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss what purpose is and why it is important
  • grasp the role of purpose across the different areas of a business: culture, communication and strategy
  • follow the process to uncover organisational purpose
  • identify the right people to involve in the process
  • master the techniques to think deeper and bigger throughout the process of uncovering purpose
  • identify and define a purpose statement that’s meaningful, inspiring and actionable
  • become proficient in the techniques required to become purpose-led.


Purpose and its importance

  • The definition of purpose
  • The outside forces in business, society and politics that make purpose prevalent today
  • The ROI of purpose for organisations'
  • Anatomy of purpose and where it comes from
  • Where major brands and organisations commonly go wrong

The role of purpose within an organisation

  • What is purpose in relation to the rest of an organisation
  • The impact of purpose on culture, strategy and communication

How to uncover organisational purpose

  • The real human stories that elicit purpose
  • Who to include and how to lead/guide the elicitation of valuable human stories from participants
  • Sources for stories within an organisation
  • Capturing meaning and impact from stories

Defining and articulating a purpose statement

  • Purpose statement formulas
  • Words, meaning and hierarchy
  • Examples of draft statements and polished statements

Becoming a purpose-led organisation

  • Quick wins and bold moves
  • Case studies and examples of purpose statements and their implementation

Intended audience

Designed for anyone wanting to assist their organisation in becoming purpose-led, and more specifically, anyone in the following job roles:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • Managing Director
  • General Manager
  • Founder
  • Business Owner
  • HR/People & Culture Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager.

In addition, this course is ideal for external consultants as well as agency and association members who seek to align their work across culture, strategy and brand with organisational purpose for their clients.

Attendees from organisations would benefit from having more than one staff member attend.

Delivery style



A course workbook will be provided.

Recommended reading

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  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Business Strategy Course: How to Become a Purpose-Led Organisation

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What others say.

  • The course is really insightful and informative. It has given me a ton of tools and ideas to help improve and grow our business.
  • Sarah has a wonderful and engaging style and articulates abstract concepts well. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend to others.
  • The tutor was fantastic. She prepared excellent content and tailored it to the audience. Sarah had a superb delivery style, was passionate about this topic and really kept up the energy and interest of the the room. I learnt so much in two days. Thank you! It was an excellent session and I would highly recommend it to other colleagues.
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