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Team Leaders Course: Essential Skills

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Whether you are a new or emerging team leader, or want to increase your leadership capabilities, this workshop will give you practical skills to lead yourself and your team effectively. Through discussion, exercises and relevant theory, in this team leaders course you will learn how get the best of your team to maximise relationships and results.


Upon successful completion of this team leaders course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand what the role of being a team leader requires.
  2. Build a range of strategies for successful team leadership.
  3. Establish trust and credibility.
  4. Develop effective working relationships.
  5. Motivate your team and improve morale.
  6. Encourage participation.
  7. Build individual and team performance.
  8. Link your team’s performance to organisational goals.


This team leaders course covers the following topics:

Welcome and introduction

  • Defining the role and function of the team leader
  • Overview of leadership and management
  • Behaviours and attributes of an effective leader


  • How to set an example through your own work practices
  • How to establish credibility, earn respect and build trust
  • Exploring relevant leadership styles
  • How to delegate, coach and follow up effectively

Building performance and productivity

  • Applying motivational techniques to your team
  • How to increase morale and engagement
  • How to encourage participation and teamwork
  • Building individual and team performance
  • Motivating and engaging your team
  • Principles of team effectiveness

Effective planning procedures

  • How to set and achieve goals through your team
  • Planning and monitoring for goal achievement
  • Achieving results through building relationships
  • Individual/team meetings

Decision making/problem solving and relationship management

  • Tips for managing effective working relationships
  • Guidelines for handling conflicts, grievances and performance issues
  • Giving/receiving feedback (positive and constructive)
  • Having challenging conversations

Intended Audience

This Team Leaders course is suitable for all current and future managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals, wishing to enhance and develop their skills in leading teams.

There are a significant number of elements from within this Team Leaders: Essential Skills course which cross over with elements introduced in Team Management: Essentials. Participants who have completed Team Management: Essentials, are encouraged to call us to discuss further.

Delivery Style

This team leaders course will be delivered as an interactive course, which includes lectures, group exercises and discussion. With an engaging, supportive facilitation style, the tutor’s training approach enables practical tools for skills transfer, improvements and results.

Before the course

There are no pre-requisite knowledge or skills for this entry-level people management course. Participants are however advised to review their experiences from teams they have lead or participated in. Please come to this course prepared to share your experiences, so that discussion can also be tailored to your individual work situations.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • This course was very engaging and informative, with excellent take-aways! Loved it!

  • The facilitator was very passionate about the content and got the whole room engaged in activities, thinking and self-reflections/evaluations. It was a great course and I was satisfied with the knowledge gained.

  • I enjoyed the small group sessions and hands on/interactive style of the tutor. Good notes and list of resources for our further reading. The tutor was very engaging and passionate about passing on the expertise and knowledge. I would recommend this course.

  • We had an excellent tutor and the course was well-balanced with discussion, activities and intermingled with thought-provoking videos. I enjoyed the day and came away with valuable resources in team leading.

  • Such a great insight into things that any aspiring leader should be aware of. I found that even just having the opportunity to voice things out loud about my work that I had just accepted, once spoken I realised that there was so much I could do to help improve not just myself, but the company I love working for. Thank you so much to to the presenter and the people at Sydney University for putting this course together!

  • Fantastic engaging tutor and great content. Will be signing up for more courses and signing some of my staff up to this course!

  • This tutor was a fantastic facilitator who brought in relevant exercises and group work. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am already looking at the courses I want to attend next year. I have also already recommended CCE to a few colleagues in the office for their professional development.

  • The course was really good and interactive. The presenter is great and the venue couldn’t be better. I learned a great deal of valuable tips, tools and reference sites for examples and further information.

  • I found the course highlighted some confronting behaviours in a positive way that allowed me to feel confident in addressing my personal attitudes, which can then lead into addressing other staff where required. It was also good to get positive re-enforcement of the behaviours that I do in my role.

  • The course was extremely valuable – it was great to meet people from different backgrounds and industries facing similar professional challenges and looking to expand their skills as leaders.The presenter was engaging and provided a good mix of spoken content and small group work throughout the day. I’d highly recommend this course for anyone in a management role.

  • This course has a great tutor. It was a very positive day and we were helped to discuss through some awkward situations and the best way to handle them. I would definitely recommend to others, as well as asking my company about doing another course.

  • A really inspirational trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I not only found the course extremely insightful, I have also taken away some specific practices I will use with my team to improve morale and staff efficiency.

  • A very personable, knowledgeable and effective tutor.

  • The facilitator was very knowledgeable and highly engaged. They had a very upbeat and infectious tone that kept us on our toes the entire day and they had very interesting examples, quotes and scenarios which related really well to me and the other attendees. Fantastic workshop!

  • The presenter ensured the format of this course kept the audience engaged through out the day and the messages delivered were thorough and easily relayed.

  • It’s a great introduction to the skills and mindset that make great leaders.

  • The course was really informative and interactive. One of the best courses I have attended by far.

  • Was a fantastic session and I really enjoyed all facets of it including the group activities that encouraged everyone’s input and participation!

  • Very well explained, concise and delivered in a fun and engaging manner.

Team Leaders Course: Essential Skills

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Leadership”}</p><p>Whether you are a new or emerging team leader, or want to increase your leadership capabilities, this workshop will give you practical skills to

Team Leaders Course: Essential Skills

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Leadership”}</p><p>Whether you are a new or emerging team leader, or want to increase your leadership capabilities, this workshop will give you practical skills to


What others say.

  • This course was very engaging and informative, with excellent take-aways! Loved it!
  • Really enjoyed the content of the course and it was great to have the opportunity to listen to others about their roles and experience. Our tutor was fantastic - very clear and concise when communicating with the group. I'm looking forward to implementing some of the things I've learned at work. Very positive experience for me - like a light bulb moment!
  • Our tutor was very helpful, detailed and enthusiastic.