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Managing Workplace Psychopaths Course

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When we label someone as a psychopath in the workplace, what do we mean? Do you feel like a casualty of a workplace psychopath or you also partly responsible for their behaviour? For many managers it may be difficult to acknowledge the problems, and avoidance in handling this will impact on workplace culture and performance. For staff, you may feel vulnerable, as well as unclear and unsupported on how you can be part of the solution or how to initiate formal approaches to have the issue managed.

To address these issues, this course aims to develop ways to mitigate the harmful effects of psychopathic behaviour in the workplace.

In this training course we will focus on the important issue of worker well-being and how we can help create a positive work place by removing toxic or potentially toxic elements. We will address the causes of domineering blame games, festering resentments, recklessness, poor service and poor morale – these are just some of the signs that can imperil, pollute or damage workplaces.

CCE is proud to now offer this course at our Westmead campus in Western Sydney. Please check the class location before enrolling.


The aims of this course are to:

  • help identify psychopathic behaviour in the workplace and it’s impact on individuals and organisations
  • provide tools for managing psychopathic behaviour in colleagues, subordinates and your boss, to contribute to a positive work place to enable you to work effectively together
  • equip you with skills for creating a healthier workplace when there are complex personalities in your workplace.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • detect the signs and symptoms of workplace toxicity, the internal and external influences that produce this toxicity and especially psychopathic behaviour
  • recognise the types of management behaviour that destroy teams and how to prevent this, eg lack of consultation
  • build healthy boundaries to protect you from the harmful effects of troublesome personalities, especially the psychopathic personality
  • mitigate the destructive effects of psychopaths on yourself and your work colleagues by deploying strategies at a team level to reduce vulnerability to toxic behaviour
  • create a healthier workplace by reinforcing positive behaviours and resolving conflicts constructively
  • counsel and coach other team members adversely impacted by psychopathic and related harmful behaviours
  • build greater trust within your workplace by removing toxicity, and building trust and positivity.


This course includes the following topics:

  • What is “psychopathic” behaviour in the workplace and who is responsible for this behaviour?
  • How can we prevent psychopathic behaviour from arising? An examination of self and others
  • Your role as a leader (both formally and informally) in managing upwards, sideways and downwards
  • Characteristics of the workplace that can harm performance
  • An examination of toxic behaviours and actions that can negatively impact on the team and workplace culture
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Managing the development of effective teams regardless of how toxic the environment is
  • Practical exercises based on case studies and scenarios volunteered by course participants

Intended audience

This course will assist anyone who has experienced concerns that their workplace has been compromised by the effects of psychopathic behaviour. It is aimed at anyone wanting to develop personal leadership skills to manage themselves and others in building a positive workplace at times; particularly at times where there are signs of a toxic work culture that is impacting individuals and the organisation’s overall performance.

This course will apply to a broad range of industry, private and public sectors, including commercial, education and health:

  • Managers, supervisors, team leaders
  • Workplace coaches
  • Human resources
  • Industrial relations officers
  • Work health and safety officers.

Delivery style

Interactive in its delivery, utilising role-plays, group discussions and demonstrations in applying course material.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • Very helpful course for the workplace and dealing with challenging people. Fantastic presenter – very engaging, great sense of humour with lots of examples provided from real life. Lots of opportunities for the participants to provide their own stories from their workplace, and to share experiences. Good activities that helped us develop skills to work with psychopaths more effectively.

  • I enjoyed this course and the content. Love how informal the surroundings are and the lecturer.

  • Great practical exercises and flexibility on the content.

  • This was a very interesting and useful course for both understanding the various aspects of different people and the action you can take when you run into difficulty.

  • Great course, excellent tutor, detailed content with good reference material – and class case studies to back up learning. It was great meeting a lovely group of people too.

  • The tutor gave a great day of information and experience. I enjoyed and appreciated the presentation style – establishing a sincere and responsive rapport with the students. Laughter and the ability to look at situations on a lighter side was a good balance to the challenging information of today’s subject.

Managing Workplace Psychopaths Course

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What others say.

  • An excellent course that dealt with a difficult and confronting issue with sensitivity and intelligence. The course gave me the courage and practical skills to implement in my own work place.
  • Great practical exercises and flexibility on the content.
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