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Parliamo Insieme: La Vita Quotidiana Course

Italian. Learn Italian with us.

If you want to learn to speak Italian, our Italian classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn Italian language and culture. Learn Italian the smart way with Italian courses at CCE, the University of Sydney.

Want to put into conversational practice what you have learned formally? Feel confident talking about yourself, your hobbies and interests, getting around in Italy, and describing what you have done and intend to do. This will help you practise and consolidate your skills before going on to the upper levels. It is designed for those students who have a good working knowledge of the present verb tense and would like to practice their past and future tenses.


  • Making friends
  • Likes and dislikes, e.g. talking about and shopping for food
  • Daily routines
  • My home
  • Travelling, e.g. talking about a holiday, booking a hotel room
  • Talking about buying clothes and souvenirs, asking and giving directions, making arrangements to meet
  • Talking about family and describing people
  • Talking about health; talking about the past; using the imperfect and present perfect tenses
  • Talking about work and plans for the future


  1. engage in basic conversation on the following topics: family, friends, personal details, leisure activities, past travel experiences, future plans
  2. ask for goods in a shop, discuss prices and understand currency
  3. ask and give street directions and enquire about transport
  4. order a meal in a restaurant and talk about food preferencs
  5. describe their home and neighbourhood
  6. express feelings and wishes.

Suitable for

Suitable for those who have completed all levels up to and including 103, or who have completed 75 hours of recent face-to-face tuition or the equivalent. Emphasis is given to oral skills, but some reading and writing will be included, as well as some revision of grammar in context.

Recommended reading

  • Espresso 1 Libro dello studente ed esercizi by Ziglio and Rizzo (Alma Edizione Second Edition) ISBN 9788861820531
  • Espresso 2 Libro dello studente ed esercizi by Bali and Rizzo (Alma Edizione) ISBN 9788861820555
  • A good Italian – English dictionary
  • An Italian grammar reference book

Textbooks should only be purchased after confirmation is received from us. This usually occurs up to 5 days prior to commencement.

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Please Note

Selected Language and Culture courses that teach spoken language may include use of language immersion (course instruction in the selected language) as part of the training strategy.


  • Expert trainer
  • Small class size (~20 max)
  • Central location

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