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eLearning Course for your Business

eLearning. Learn how to take teaching online.

Learn how to plan, design and market an elearning course.

This introductory elearning course looks at ways of creating successful online training materials and learning objects such as videos, podcasts and presentations. Learn to link them to platforms including an LMS, Blog and CMS. The course includes hands-on exercises using a pre-installed LMS application, each student can then create and upload their own training learning objects created in class.

This elearning course is ideal for those creating product training materials, those creating online training for professional services, or those involved in teaching via elearning at any level.


This course aims to teach you the online course development lifecycle, including creating, managing and marketing an online course. Develop your understanding of authoring tools including video and audio for storytelling and gain hands-on experience with an online course.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • identify the different types of learning management systems available (self-hosted or cloud-based)
  • develop engaging learning objects to be used on websites, blogs and LMS’s as part of the online learning process
  • explore different types of learning activities that could be embedded for learner engagement
  • explore different assessment strategies for learner feedback
  • log in to an online LMS and explore ways of creating and linking learning objects.


Introduction to elearning

  • Planning (technology, products, budget, marketing)
  • How to get started
  • Benefits of elearning
  • Limitations and challenges of elearning
  • Evaluation of elearning models and learning theory
  • The use of free tools
  • Exploring LMS’s available on the market

Content and structure

  • Key elements of course structure
  • Creating online activities and engagement
  • Creating an online assessment
  • Working with content (Text is King)


  • Using effective PowerPoint and slides techniques for elearning
  • Transforming PowerPoint into powerful flash content
  • Converting PowerPoint to web pages

Authoring tools

  • Free vs Commercial elearning tools
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate – Rapid elearning

Digital stories

  • Why include digital stories in your elearning
  • Steps for creating effective video clips
  • Tools required (hardware, software)

Creating your online channels

  • Working with YouTube


  • Steps in creating effective Podcasts
  • Tools required (hardware, software)
  • PM3, Apple iTunes and RSS Feeds
  • Embedding Podcasts to website, blogs and other channels
  • Adding Podcasts to search engines

Creating activities

  • Assignment, forum, quiz, wiki, surveys, blogs, journals

Marketing elearning

  • Marketing elearning programs

Online marketing

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Offline marketing

Intended audience

Suitable for teachers, business owners, entrepreneurs, RTO managers, and anyone wanting to learn the steps of creating online courses for profitability.

Delivery style

Delivery of this two-day workshop includes a blended learning approach where you use your own device to follow along with class activities. During group work, you will have the opportunity to discuss various online learning strategies and to share your previous and current work experiences.

Bring your own device

You are required to bring your own device (Windows or Mac). You should ensure your device is fully charged as access to power is limited. Please note that University does not carry any responsibility for your lost, stolen, or damaged devices whilst on the University premises.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • This course has an excellent presenter who has so much valuable knowledge to share.

  • Tutor was fantastic! A very informative and inspiring teacher who made unfamiliar material and techniques very accessible. Also provided specific instructions/plans/resources that will keep me learning for many months (and beyond). I will change the way I approach e-Learning from now on.

  • The course was great. I just don’t have time to investigate e-Learning solutions for the work I do, so it was really helpful to be able to tap into the tutor’s amazing experience to fast track my own knowledge. I came away with information that is going to make an impact in my workplace.

  • What a great course, completely fascinating from start to finish. The tutor is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I learnt more and was inspired more than I had anticipated. I’d highly recommend this course, it was also a lot of fun!

  • Thank you – this course was professional and catered to my learning needs!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course with an experienced professional and personable tutor, clearly passionate about eLearning and technology integration. Greatly appreciate the action-packed and informative course. I highly recommend this course for learning and development professionals.

  • My tutor’s enthusiasm for the subject and vast knowledge was second to none, and it made this course both enjoyable and extremely worthwhile.

  • As an Indigenous mum returning back into the workforce I found the e-learning for business a fantastic course. I have recently graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Arts Management and believe that taking the course in e-learning will give me a real edge.

  • The tutor was great. He really had the knowledge in e-learning and online tools, and was willing to pass it all on. I believe I walked out with a good knowledge of available tools which will benefit my career.

  • The tutor was well organised and obviously an expert in this area. They provided a well paced, well planned overview of the material.

What others say.

  • My tutor's enthusiasm for the subject and vast knowledge was second to none, and it made this course both enjoyable and extremely worthwhile.