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Adobe Premiere Pro Course: Level 1

Adobe Premiere Pro. Video production and editing.

Get your video message across fast with maximum impact using the powerful, flexible editing capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn Adobe Premiere Pro the smart way with Adobe Premiere Pro courses at the University of Sydney.

This course is delivered using Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
This course is delivered using the latest versions of Adobe software from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Courses are suitable for users of Adobe product versions CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and all CC versions. Older versions of Adobe products may not include some features available within Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 versions and some visual and functional differences may exist. Project files created in Adobe Premiere Pro as part of training may not be compatible with earlier versions.

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This Adobe Premier Pro training course covers all of the fundamental and comprehensive methods, tools and techniques enabling you to get your video message across.




  • Formats, Codecs and video standards Overview
  • The video editing workflow
  • Understanding projects, sequences and clips, Bins

The Interface

  • Using workspaces
  • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
  • Supplementary panels (Effects Controls, Audio, Metadata, Media Browser, Effects and History panels)
  • The Tools Panel and the audio meters

Importing and organizing your footage

  • Importing single and multiple files and folders
  • Using bins and organizing clips
  • Adding metadata to clips
  • The Speech Analysis tool


Motion Control

  • In-depth Motion Controls
  • Picture In Picture effect
  • Using keyframes to animate
  • Controlling multiple clips and nesting

Exporting your project

  • Understanding formats and presets (compression vs Lossless)
  • Exporting to the web for H264 (youtube, Vimeo, website)
  • Exporting for PC and MAC playback
  • Creating files ready for DVD
  • Exporting for broadcast

Project Management

  • Archiving
  • Copying your project to a new location
  • Creating a trimmed project, deleting unused clips
  • Re-linking Files

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for new or existing Adobe Premier Pro users, and anyone wanting to fast track themselves with video editing techniques and the essential functions.

Delivery Style

This course is delivered as presenter-taught computer-based training. You will have access to a computer exclusively for your use so you can follow instructor training and work through in-class activities.

Before the course

Partcipants attending this course are required to bring their own earphones or headphones.


  • Free repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Free USB flash drive
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every student
  • Small class size
  • Student notes – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • A great all round course, instruction and content delivery. Looking forward to my next course... Cheers!

  • I found learning at the CCE a great experience. The tutor was very knowledgeable and I came away with new skills I am able to tie into my daily working environment. The tutor was also very helpful when we required extra assistance.

  • I thought the course was great. I’d never used Premier Pro before, but since completing the course I feel confident to start using it. The tutor was very patient and explained everything step by step, but also gave us the opportunity to work by ourselves using what had been taught.

  • Great course – got plenty from it, and the tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely use the Centre for future training needs.

  • A great, practical course. I learnt a lot and had the chance to practice those newly learnt skills in class. Good facilities, location, resources and a really knowledgeable, friendly tutor.

  • Facilities were excellent, topics were all covered very well.

  • A very useful course, well presented and adequately paced.

  • Excellent course, tutor, and lesson plan. Have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Will be booking further courses with you asap.

  • This was an excellent course – I learned so much and the pace was perfect. The presenter was very helpful too.

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