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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Course

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Essential software for extraordinary photography.

This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic course will streamline your digital photography workflow and show you how to manage your photo collection with ease. Learn how to create libraries and make fine adjustments to create web galleries to showcase your talents. It is ideal for both professional and passionate photographers who wish to add those finishing touches to their shots.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • explore the basics of the Lightroom interface; import photos and set various import options; change views in the library and make basic adjustments; adjust the Lightroom interface; and use keyboard shortcuts to improve efficiency
  • flag, rate, stack, sort, and cull photos by using Survey view; create and manipulate keywords; create collections; filter photos in Grid view; and synchronise develop settings and metadata adjustments within groups of photos
  • apply presets to photos, adjust white balance, make basic tonal adjustments, use history steps to revert to previous versions of photos, create snapshots, compare before and after versions of photos, adjust tone curves, make precise shadow and highlight adjustments, adjust colour, convert photos to grayscale, create split-tone effects, crop and straighten photos, make precise detail adjustments, copy and paste adjustments between photos, and create custom presets
  • preview a slideshow, adjust basic slide and backdrop options, save custom slideshow settings as a template, add text overlays to slides, adjust the size and placement of photos, adjust playback options for a slideshow, and export a slideshow as a PDF
  • adjust the way photos are arranged on pages, including single photo layouts and multiple photo layouts; and adjust output settings, including basic printing options and colour management options
  • create a Flash-based web gallery, including adding text, adjusting layout and colours, and adding photo information; preview a web gallery and upload it to a host server.


Lightroom overview

  • Importing photos
  • Viewing photos
  • The Lightroom interface

The library

  • Sorting photos
  • Organising photos
  • Group photo adjustments
  • Export options

Developing photos

  • Basic adjustments
  • Managing adjustments
  • Tone curves and colour adjustments
  • Grayscale and split toning
  • Cropping and straightening
  • Detail adjustments
  • Duplicating adjustments


  • Slide and backdrop settings
  • Slide overlays and layout
  • Playback and export settings

Printing photos

  • Print layout
  • Output control

Web galleries

  • Create a web gallery
  • Output a web gallery

Intended audience

Professional and/or passionate photographers wanting to add the finishing touches to their shots.


You should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse.

Delivery style

Presented as practical, instructor-led computer-based training. You will have dedicated access to a computer, so you can follow instructor training and work through in-class activities.

Additional information

Please bring a USB flash drive to class if you would like to make a copy of your work or any relevant class materials. Alternatively, you can save these to a cloud storage space or email them to your personal email address.

This course is delivered using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic software.


  • $50 repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every participant
  • Small class size
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Apply for the IT repeat discount.

What others say.

  • I flew 14 hours to get to this class, seriously, that’s how keen/desperate I was to learn the content of this course. The class did not disappoint, it covered what was outlined from the blurb on the website in the most time-effective and professional manner. Our tutor was nothing short of amazing, engaging everyone in the class with his humour and knowledge. So for getting started with LightRoom, this class I would highly recommend.

  • The course was fantastic! I now feel really equipped to dive headfirst into Adobe Lightroom, despite having never used it before my course. The tutor was brilliant - - was super helpful and knew the stuff – so knowledgeable! The venue was also fantastic – so central and close to parking, transport and delicious lunch options. I would definitely recommend this course, the tutor and the venue.

  • The course, trainer and venue were all excellent. Thank you for a positive experience.

  • This course was great and the lecturer was engaging and knowledgable.

  • Course was great, tutor was very accommodating, recognising that different people are at different levels and also using different types of computers.

  • The presenter was fantastic! Excellent teacher, have already recommended the course to others and looking at taking more of his courses.

  • Great, interesting teacher. Very ready to answer any questions you have.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”}</p><p>{block name:“Course Message - Microsoft and Adobe”}</p><p>This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic course will streamline your digital

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”}</p><p>{block name:“Course Message - Microsoft and Adobe”}</p><p>This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic course will streamline your digital


What others say.

  • I learnt so much. The course was concise and easy to absorb.
  • Robin was excellent. The course was well-structured with clear guidelines, and included practical hands on tasks to allow us to put into practice what we were learning.
  • The tutor was excellent in terms of both knowledge and presentation. Venue and catering were also fine. Very satisfied.