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Adobe InDesign Course: Level 1

Adobe InDesign. Page design, layout, and publishing.

Master this powerful and flexible platform for creating graphically intensive layouts. Learn Adobe InDesign the smart way with Adobe InDesign courses at the University of Sydney.

This course is delivered using Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
This course is delivered using the latest versions of Adobe software from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Courses are suitable for users of Adobe product versions CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and all CC versions. Older versions of Adobe products may not include some features available within Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 versions and some visual and functional differences may exist. Project files created in Adobe Premiere Pro as part of training may not be compatible with earlier versions.

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This Adobe InDesign course will have you designing layouts for print and digital publishing using this popular publishing software package. You will be taken from the basics through to the skills necessary to create a variety of different print and digital material.


Upon successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  1. Understand how the application can be used and start working with it.
  2. Understand how to set up and create a new document.
  3. Work with and modify elements of a workspace.
  4. Understand basic navigation.
  5. Work with pages.
  6. Understand what layers are and how to work with them.
  7. Understand colour and how to use it.
  8. Work with graphics.
  9. Work with text.
  10. Ensure documents are ready to print.
  11. Use the Help menu and access online help resources.


This Adobe InDesign training course covers the following topics:

Starting with Adobe InDesign

  • Understanding the application.
  • Starting the application.
  • The Welcome Experience.
  • The Workspace.
  • Understanding Workspaces.
  • Opening An Existing Document.
  • Closing A Document.
  • Exiting.

Setting Up a Document

  • Understanding Document Presets.
  • Adjusting The Units Of Measure.
  • Creating A Document Preset.
  • Creating A New Document.
  • Using New Document Preview.
  • Saving A New Document.

Working with a Workspace

  • The Tools Panel.
  • Using Selection Tools.
  • Displaying and Hiding Rulers.
  • Working with Workspaces.
  • Creating a Custom Workspace.
  • Understanding Panels.
  • Displaying and Hiding Panels.
  • Floating and Docking Panels.
  • Working with the Status Bar.
  • Understanding Screen Views.
  • Changing Screen Views.
  • Using The Hand And Zoom Tools.
  • Using Shortcut Menus.
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Working With Tabbed Documents.
  • Arranging Multiple Documents.

Working With Pages

  • Inserting Pages.
  • Navigating Pages.
  • Understanding Master Pages.
  • Creating Master Pages.
  • Creating Ruler Guides.
  • Locking, Unlocking and Clearing Guides.
  • Viewing and Hiding the Grid.
  • Adjusting Column Guides.
  • Setting Document Bleed and Slug.
  • Inserting Auto Page Numbering.
  • Applying a Master Page.
  • Deleting Pages.


  • Understanding Layers.
  • Creating a new Layer.
  • Naming Layers and Assigning Colours.
  • Assigning Objects to Layers.
  • Reordering Layers.
  • Hiding and viewing Layers.

Working With Colour

  • Understanding Colour.
  • Stroke and Fill.
  • Understanding the Colour Panel.
  • Applying a Fill Colour.
  • Applying a Stroke Colour.
  • Selecting Colours Using the Eyedropper.
  • Selecting Colours Using the Swatches Panel.
  • Adding Colours to the Swatches Panel.
  • Creating a Gradient.
  • Creating a Colour Group.
  • Creating a Colour Theme.
  • Removing Colour.

Frames and Shapes

  • Understanding Frames
  • Creating Frames and Shapes
  • Transforming Shapes
  • Merging Shapes using Pathfinder
  • Duplicating Objects
  • Arranging Objects
  • Aligning and Distributing Objects
  • Grouping Objects
  • Creating an Outline
  • Placing Graphics in an Outline

Working With Graphics

  • Understanding Graphic File Formats.
  • Placing Graphics in a Document.
  • Positioning Graphics within a Frame.
  • Fitting Graphics.
  • Understanding Linked Graphics.
  • Navigating the Links Panel.
  • Linking and Embedding Files.
  • Placing InLine Graphics.
  • Creating a Clipping Path.
  • Applying Text Wrap.
  • Creating a Caption.
  • Changing Display Performance.

Working With Text

  • Understanding Text.
  • Applying Type Style.
  • Changing Font Size and Leading.
  • Changing The Vertical Text Alignment.
  • Threading Text Frames.
  • Importing Text from Microsoft Word.
  • Adjusting Kerning.
  • Adjusting Tracking.
  • Editing Text In Place.
  • Editing Text With The Story Editor.

Preparing for Printing

  • Running Preflight Check.
  • Printing a Document.
  • Defining a Print Preset.
  • Understanding Ink Handling Terms.
  • Creating a Postscript File.
  • Exporting to PDF.
  • Soft Proofing.
  • Packaging a Document.

Getting Help

  • Understanding the Help Menu.
  • Using Help.
  • Searching for Online Help.

Intended Audience

Assumes little or no knowledge of the software and is suitable for all individuals who wish to learn the basics of graphic production to create layouts for print media.


  • Free repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Free USB flash drive
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every student
  • Small class size
  • Student notes – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • A very patient and knowledgeable facilitator. Snippets of professional advice for implementing the software in the most seamless manner were invaluable.

  • Really enjoyed this course, and having it spread out over two weeks proved helpful in that you don’t have to be offline at a training course for two consecutive days.

  • I have been to several CCE courses and I have to say that this was my favourite. I really enjoyed the teaching style/methods and the mixture of theory and practical. Because it is a design course, we did a lot of practical work and the examples/projects given were relevant to everyone. The tutor was very attentive to individuals who needed support/help.

  • Great to do software training in a class where the (excellent) tutor gave attention to problems and questions.

  • Thank you so much to the tutor for the most enjoyable way to learn Adobe InDesign. From the easy to follow instructions and creative hands on design challenges, you kept us engaged and wanting to learn more. I would highly recommend this course to the true beginners and those wanting to refresh their skills – you’ll definitely walk away feeling well prepared to start creating design projects the next day.

  • Our tutor was brilliant. Real experience and very patient, kind, engaging. Brilliant.

  • This was the best training course I’ve ever attended. I needed InDesign skills to be able to create newsletters and I left feeling as though I had not only learnt those basic skills but so much more.

  • The tutor was calm, patient, knowledgeable and very easy to understand. Made what I thought was going to be a difficult course, really enjoyable. I learnt a lot.

  • A great teacher who took the time to ensure everyone was on the same page. Great teaching skills! I had a really good time and felt like I learnt more in 2 days than most people do in weeks.

  • Great course, just the right pace; not too slow and with room for specific questions. Teacher was very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and intuitive. I now feel comfortable using the InDesign program in a professional environment.

  • Great course, the tutor was very thorough and the class moved at a good pace. Excellent facilities and value.

  • Overall fantastic. A lot to get through in a couple of days but the tutor kept it flowing and I feel much more confident using the program now. I would recommend this course to others.

  • I found it extremely beneficial and as a result, have enrolled into further courses and recommended your courses my colleagues.

  • The tutor did a great job training the group on InDesign and the manual is very comprehensive. We had a friendly and professional instructor.

  • It was one of the best courses I’ve done – the tutor was brilliant, she explained everything in an easy, way to understand regardless of what level you were at. The notes are great, easy to follow and the venue and facilities were really good. I cant wait to do another course!

  • This course is amazing! The tutor is an extremely knowledgeable facilitator and I came away from this course confident in my abilities to use Adobe InDesign.

  • An excellent presenter who was informative an entertaining making learning and understanding easy.

  • I enjoyed the course. The tutor was very patient and thorough, and I went away feeling that I had enough of an understanding of the key functions of InDesign to make good use of the program in my work.

  • A great facilitator who comes with many years of experience and was able to help us with their technical knowledge.

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