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Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics and illustration.

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Please note that for online classes, all course materials will be shared electronically. No printed resources will be available.

This course is delivered using Adobe Creative Cloud
This course is delivered using the latest versions of Adobe software from Adobe Creative Cloud. Older versions of Adobe products may not include some features available within Adobe Creative Cloud CC versions and some visual and functional differences may exist. Project files created in Adobe Premiere Pro as part of training may not be compatible with earlier versions.

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This Adobe Illustrator course provides essential drawing skills and the knowledge required to progress on to Adobe Illustrator: Level 2. You will be taken from the basics through to designing logos, branding and graphics for advertising purposes.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • get acquainted with the Adobe Illustrator application
  • create custom paths
  • enter text in an Illustrator document
  • enhance documents
  • proof documents to make them more accurate
  • save images for web and print.


Starting with Illustrator CC 1

  • Understanding vector graphics
  • Starting Illustrator in windows 8
  • The welcome experience
  • Opening an existing document
  • The Illustrator workspace
  • The status bar
  • Understanding artboards
  • Closing a document and exiting Illustrator
  • Understanding panels
  • Displaying and hiding panels
  • Floating and docking panels
  • The tools panel
  • Working with the tools panel
  • Understanding workspaces
  • Working with workspaces
  • Working with the control panel
  • Navigating with the hand tool
  • Navigating with the navigation panel
  • Changing document views
  • Using the zoom tool
  • Creating and using custom views

Working with objects

  • Understanding paths and selection tools
  • Selecting with the selection tool
  • Working with isolation mode
  • Selecting multiple objects
  • Making marquee selections
  • Using the direct selection tool
  • Selecting with the magic wand tool
  • Understanding smart guides
  • Moving objects
  • Copying objects
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects
  • Locking and unlocking objects
  • The alignment and distribution tools
  • Aligning objects
  • Distributing objects and spacing
  • Inserting images
  • Deleting objects

Setting up a new document

  • Understanding templates
  • Understanding document presets
  • Adjusting units of measure
  • Creating a print document
  • Saving a new document

Working with a document

  • Understanding artboard options
  • Moving and resizing artboards
  • Creating and deleting artboards
  • Understanding grids, guides and rulers
  • Displaying and hiding rulers
  • Making guides
  • Locking, unlocking and clearing guides
  • Viewing and hiding the grid


  • Understanding layers and sublayers
  • Understanding the layers panel
  • working with the layers panel
  • Creating layers and sublayers
  • Naming layers and assigning colours
  • Grouping layers
  • Reassigning objects to different layers
  • Rearranging layers and sublayers
  • Hiding and displaying layers
  • Locking and unlocking layers
  • Deleting layers


  • Understanding the shape and colour tools
  • Preparing the workspace
  • Creating basic shapes
  • Creating polygons
  • Creating other shapes
  • creating lines and spirals
  • Editing path segments
  • Using offset path
  • Understanding drawing modes

Colour, fill and stroke

  • Understanding fill and stroke
  • Understanding colour
  • Understanding colour controls
  • Applying colour using the colour panel
  • Applying colour using the swatches panel
  • Applying colour using the eyedropper tool
  • Swapping fill and stroke colours
  • Working with stroke weight
  • Working with stroke width
  • Applying dashes to strokes


  • Understanding gradients
  • Applying a linear gradient
  • Changing the direction of a gradient
  • Changing colours in a gradient
  • Colours in a gradient
  • Adding colours to a gradient
  • Applying a radial gradient
  • Saving a gradient
  • Applying a gradient to a stroke

Working with type

  • Understanding type in illustrator
  • Understanding formatting options
  • Inserting and formatting point type
  • Inserting and formatting area type
  • Cutting and pasting text
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Copying formatting with the eyedropper tool
  • Creating columns of text

Text and objects

  • Typing on a path
  • Converting text into editable path
  • Working with character objects
  • The touch type tool
  • Styles

Introduction to drawing

  • Understanding drawing in illustrator
  • Drawing a straight path with the pen tool
  • Drawing closed paths with the pen tool
  • Draw curved paths with the pen tool
  • Drawing objects with curved paths
  • Adjusting curves created by the pen tool
  • Drawing paths with the curvature tool
  • Drawing paths with the pencil tool
  • Add fill to closed paths

Saving and printing

  • Understanding save and export options
  • Understanding file formats
  • Exporting an illustrator document
  • Saving for a microsoft office program
  • Saving as a pdf file
  • Saving an illustrator document for the web
  • Printing an illustrator document
  • Packaging a document

Getting help

  • Understanding the help menu
  • Using help
  • Searching for online help

Intended audience

Suitable for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the Adobe Illustrator software.

Delivery style

Presented as practical, instructor-led computer-based training. You will have dedicated access to a computer so you can follow the instructor and work through in-class activities.


You will be provided with a link to access and download your own personalised eBook prior to class.

Additional information

Please bring a USB flash drive to class if you would like to make a copy of your work or any relevant class materials. Alternatively, you can save these to a cloud storage space or email them to your personal email address.


  • $50 repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every participant
  • Small class size
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Apply for the IT repeat discount.

What others say.

  • The tutor was great and the content covered in the course established a great foundation on which to continue learning and developing skills. The learning environment was relaxed, yet the tutor managed to fill the day with really useful information and practical exercises. I will continue to use CCE as my first choice for short courses in the future.

  • The tutor was fantastic to work with and made the course lots of fun, whilst still giving us lots of knowledge and skills practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that works with graphics.

  • This is a fantastic course, packed full of info and delivered by an excellent tutor.

  • The tutor was very knowledgeable and shared his experiences willingly. As a mature age student I was put at ease, as it can be very intimidating entering into such a fast paced course after such a long time.

  • The tutor was very patient, attentive and helpful, the right person in the right place. Although I was using Illustrator a bit in my job I was showed tips and tricks which will help me in the future while doing internal designs. Thanks again.

  • We had a really wonderful teacher who took an interest in everyone’s learning and explained things at a great pace. The teacher makes a huge impact on learning so I am really glad I had a brilliant tutor. Thank you for a great course.

  • A great tutor and very patient – thank you! Course was interesting and fun and facilities were good too. Now, for my next course... ;-)

Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

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Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

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Adobe Illustrator Course: Level 1

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What others say.

  • Great course and knowledgeable tutor; recommended.
  • This course was outstanding. The trainer was absolutely superb - entertaining, easy to understand,and presented the material in such a way that it was fun to learn. Highly inspiring. I plan to do the advanced course in the no too distant future.
  • The course gave me all of the information I needed. It was easy to understand and follow along with instructions. I liked that the classes were very personalised.
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