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Advanced Leadership Course: Managing in a VUCA World

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COVID-19 update: arrangement of our courses

We are now delivering courses online and in-person. Please check the delivery format of each class before enrolling.

Please note that course materials (excluding prescribed texts) are shared electronically within 48 hours of course commencement. Printing is not available.

Join this advanced leadership course and improve your ability to perform authentically as a leader in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) context.

In this course you will learn to lead and navigate your team in a VUCA world. You will learn to show up with authenticity, how to make sense of ambiguity and complexity, and how to guide your team and organisation in continued progress.

We will help your capacity to view yourself in the VUCA system and guide you in understanding the processes and practices of leadership within this system. We will do this by exploring the latest research, by considering our own sense making, and through the overall implications for practice as you embark on your own leadership development journey.

This course is designed as a follow on to the Leadership Course but you do not need take that course in order to take this one.


Increase your capacity to coach and lead your team and organisation in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) context.


By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • discuss key theories of leadership development
  • explore and define role, purpose and authority
  • distinguish between different challenges organisations face
  • utilise collaborative tools for more effective conversations
  • utilise a tool for developmental coaching.


Participants will immerse themselves in an interactive and activity based one-day experience. You will develop your capacity and understanding of how to make progress in a VUCA world and discover pathways into greater authentic leadership.


  • Theory of leadership development
  • The concepts of role, purpose and authority
  • The Transforming Experience Framework

Working in a VUCA world

  • Adaptive vs technical challenges
  • The integral model as a guide

Skills and tools

  • Perspective taking
  • Conversational actions in teams

Coaching for development

  • Coaching principles
  • Using a simple coaching model

Intended audience

Leaders who have a solid understanding of leadership and are already well equipped with basic influence skills.


  • Have attended the two-day leadership program, or have equivalent preparation.
  • A willingness to approach the topics with an open mind.

Delivery style

Information sessions supported by interactive activities and class discussions.

Delivery options:

  • presenter-taught training on University premises
  • online training via the platform Zoom.


A digital course workbook and notes is provided electronically.

Before the course

There will be some recommended reading as pre-work, taking 30-40 mins of your time.

Please download and watch this video from The Leadership Circle. You will need to scroll down the page until you reach the video, which is just below the 'Free Leadership Assessment' link.

Recommended reading

Garvey Berger, J., 2011, Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World. s.l.:Stanford University Press.

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  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Advanced Leadership Course: Managing in a VUCA World

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<p>Join this advanced leadership course and improve your ability to perform authentically as a leader

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