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Social Media for eCommerce Course

Social media marketing. Learn social media marketing strategies that work.

COVID-19 update: arrangement of our courses

We are now delivering courses online and in-person. Please check the delivery format of each class before enrolling.

Please note that course materials (excluding prescribed texts) are shared electronically within 48 hours of course commencement. Printing is not available.

Join us and learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to drive online sales.

Social media’s role in driving retail transactions both on and offline is rapidly increasing. Consumers seek convenience, choice and competitive pricing, and increasing research online before purchasing. For brands and business to stay ahead they need to market to their consumers where they spend time online – social media presence is therefore vital for ecommerce.

This introductory course will look at the trends in consumer behaviour towards social media interactions and their influence on purchase, as well as they technical applications available within Facebook and Instagram that support ecommerce. We will look at both direct and indirect ways to leverage social media platforms to increase sales, and how to use the tracking and reporting platforms within social media to understand sales conversions and return on investment.

Finally, we will cover how to integrate social media marketing tools with the main ecommerce online platforms and how to create a marketing campaign for your e commerce store that connects all of your social media platforms to drive sales.

Whether you are new to marketing or a social media professional, this course will help you deepen your understanding of social media for ecommerce.


This course aims to show you how social media plays a role in influencing consumer behaviour from discovery and research to conversion and brand loyalty. You will leave knowing how to implement social media tools to create more seamless purchasing experience for your customers.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • create social media store fronts on Facebook and Instagram
  • set up and evaluate social media reporting tools for ecommerce advertising campaigns
  • describe the opportunities and requirements for social media advertisements to drive ecommerce sales
  • map and plan social media activities into your customer purchase cycle to increase conversion values and brand loyalty
  • describe the role of social media influence in driving consumer behaviour
  • use reporting and attribution tools to track and evaluate campaign performance.


  • Social media and ecommerce overview
  • Creating a social media store front on Facebook and Instagram
  • Creating social media campaigns to drive sales
  • Setting up and evaluating attribution models to track sales and understand ROI
  • Social influencers, cross promotion and brand collaboration adverts
  • Creating a social media marketing plan for ecommerce

Intended audience

  • Digital marketing specialists who want to broaden their knowledge of content marketing
  • Online retailers who would like to deepen their knowledge of social media tools to drive more sales
  • Marketing or Agency professionals looking to assist retail clients with social media acquisition campaigns
  • Students who would like to expand their Digital Marketing skillset
  • Online business owners who would like to establish their presence online and drive new users/customers


No prior experience is necessary as this is an introductory course.

Delivery style

This one-day course is delivered as a practical presentation and workshop, supported by recent case studies and live examples.

Delivery options

  • Presenter-taught training on your own device, on University premises.
  • Online training via the platform Zoom.

Face-to-face classes

You are required to bring your own device (Windows or Mac). You should ensure your device is fully charged as access to power is limited. Please note that University does not carry any responsibility for your lost, stolen, or damaged devices whilst on the University premises.

Online classes

If you are attending an online class via Zoom, you will need your own device with internet access.

Before the course

Please ensure you have a Facebook business page set up and bring your login details to class. This is a requirement of the course and you will not be able to participate without one.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Social Media for eCommerce Course

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<p>Join us and learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to drive online sales.</p>


Social Media for eCommerce Course

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<p>Join us and learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to drive online sales.</p>


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