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Marketing Course: Level 1

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Marketing is a powerful business tool used to help you better understand your consumer and sales landscape. It includes every element of how you communicate your business, product or service, whether you work for a corporation, government or for yourself, in a B2B or B2C context.

In this Marketing training course, you’ll learn the importance of clearly defining your marketing objectives to reach your consumer. You will learn about brands and brand positioning as part of your marketing mix within today’s core online and traditional marketing landscape. This interactive workshop-style course will equip you with a range of marketing tools and templates to help you think like a marketer, and demonstrate how clearly defined objectives and effective communication can really influence your organisation’s bottom line.

Course Content

This marketing course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Marketing

  • What is Marketing?
  • Marketing in different sectors
  • Brands and Branding
  • Trends and changes in Marketing
  • What drives our buying decisions
  • Understanding your consumer better
  • Buzzwords, industry terminology and jargon

Understanding Brands

  • What is a Brand? Why have one?
  • Branding and brand positioning
  • Differentiation and unique selling points (USPs)
  • What makes strong brands

Market Segmentation and Target Markets

  • The theory behind market segmentation
  • Identifying attractive segments and ways to segment your market
  • How understanding your target market can ensure your campaigns are economical and efficient

The Marketing Mix – Your Toolbox

Consider the elements of the marketing mix and the unique advantages and characteristics of each method, including:

  • The 4 Ps, 7 Ps (service marketing)
  • Online and traditional marketing tools within the changing landscape
  • Understand the power of effective integration of your marketing mix
  • The Marketing funnel – getting to know your consumers

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this marketing course, it is expected that participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the theory behind marketing, the latest buzzwords and how marketing activities fit within businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors
  2. Understand the importance of identifying clear marketing objectives for their brand, business or organisation
  3. Recognise the key components of the marketing mix, and how to utilise these to meet marketing or organisational goals
  4. Feel confident applying a range of marketing tools and templates in their day to day work

Suitable for

  1. Those wanting a broad understanding of the key aspects of product and service marketing, or as a touchstone for confirmation of understanding
  2. Junior marketers within organisations from SMEs to corporations, small business, not-for-profit and government
  3. Those with a non-marketing background who are working in marketing and/or those who have new marketing responsibilities.
  4. External stakeholders who work with marketers and seek an overall understanding of the discipline

Course Delivery

This course is delivered as a combined lecture and interactive workshop. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas and background to broaden the discussions.

Before the course

Bring along an example of marketing that you have seen. It might be something you really like, or something you don’t like. Examples might be a billboard, print or TV ad, a shop you frequent which uses marketing well, or a new product launch.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Excellent presentation, and very engaging training for an entry level course when you have no marketing experience.

  • The course gave me a great introduction to marketing – with lots of opportunities for practical exercises using examples from our own workplaces. I found the course was very relevant to my professional role.

  • Marketing Course: Level 1 was very informative. The course was a great introduction into marketing and really laid the foundations for understanding how marketing works.

  • A very informative course and very hands-on – will make it easy to apply back at work.

  • Great course! Really happy with all the training we’ve done at CCE.

  • We had a great tutor and the course was tailored to suit each participant in the room. I am now interested in attending further marketing training through the University of Sydney.

  • This course was excellent, I would thoroughly recommend it!

Marketing Course: Level 1
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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