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Effective Stakeholder Management Course for Project and Change Managers

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A key factor in the success of a project is managing stakeholder needs, wants and expectations. You’ll learn how to identify key stakeholders and define their roles, establish how committed are they to the project, align and prioritise stakeholder requirements to business and organisational objectives, and gain ‘buy-in’. We’ll also cover communication techniques such as dealing with organisational politics, resolving conflict and managing expectations that can’t be met, as well as ongoing management issues such as selling the project, maintaining commitment and status reporting.


  1. Understand stakeholder needs.
  2. Understand how stakeholders impact your project.
  3. Know how to deal with multiple stakeholders with divergent interests.
  4. Understand how to manage stakeholder expectations, including quality and performance expectations.
  5. Understand the need to communicate your strategy to the project team, the customer, and other project stakeholders.
  6. Resolve conflict and competing priorities.
  7. Manage project public relations and organisational politics.
  8. Contain expectations through effective status reporting and progress meetings.
  9. Accrue 7 PDU’s towards retaining PMP credential.



  • Outline – expected learning outcomes.
  • Who are stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder categories.
  • The role of key stakeholders.

Understanding stakeholder expectations

  • How committed are they to the project?
  • Getting buy-in.
  • Stakeholder identification.
  • Stakeholder requirements analysis.
  • Aligning stakeholder requirements to business and organisational objectives.
  • Prioritising stakeholder requirements and expectations.
  • Getting approval to proceed with the project.

Communications techniques

  • Common communications barriers and “filters”.
  • Dealing with organisation politics.
  • Managing external stakeholders such as suppliers, regulators and the public.
  • Resolving conflict.
  • Managing difficult stakeholders.
  • Managing expectations that can’t be met.

Ongoing management of stakeholder expectations

  • Selling the project.
  • Maintaining the commitment.
  • Reaching out to the public or customers.
  • Internal status reporting.

Wrap up discussion

  • Applying the principles to the workplace.

Intended Audience

Designed for program and project managers, team leaders, business analysts and managers who need some understanding of how to best manage stakeholders affected by organisational change, projects or programmes of work and service delivery. It provides insight into common models of stakeholder management, and shows how to determine and prioritise stakeholder requirements. You will learn the importance of establishing appropriate performance measures to monitor and review in managing key stakeholders and discuss common problems, such as dealing with conflict, communications roadblocks and resistance to change.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Great course with lots of information and tips which will be very useful for future stakeholder management.

Effective Stakeholder Management Course for Project and Change Managers

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Effective Stakeholder Management Course for Project and Change Managers
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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