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Project Management Course: The Complete Guide

Project Management. Take the lead.

Obtain a professional coverage of all the topics in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This course is designed for those who currently work as project managers or project officers and require a framework or refresher to perform their projects. Please note that this course is not an exam preparation course, however it does provide professional development points (PDUs) towards PMI® certifications which is a pre-requisite.

This course provides up to 21 Professional Development Unit (PDU) points with the Project Management Institute (PMI) towards becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)® or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP)®. This is awarded at the discretion of the external party.



This course aims to provide you a complete working professional knowledge of the PMBOK® Guide.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • use the broad guidelines to project management provided in the international standard, the PMBOK® Guide, to manage projects
  • use a structured and standards-based approach to prepare a project management plan to international standards, incorporating appropriate supporting plans, schedules, budget and specific outputs/deliverables for each step of the plan
  • collect requirements, define scope, and manage requests for scope changes
  • develop a realistic schedule which meets the stakeholders' constraints
  • develop project cost estimates and control project budgets
  • determine and acquire appropriate project resources
  • describe the sources of project risks, and the management approach to control risks
  • establish a project’s quality objectives and appropriate controls and measures to ensure quality outcomes are achieved
  • control project suppliers and external stakeholders
  • build effective teams which are committed to the project goals
  • use processes to develop ongoing stakeholder commitment to a project, and to manage issues arising from the project’s dependence on external groups
  • describe methods for timely and accurate reporting of progress against plan
  • use management methods which ensure commitment to project completion from a project team in a matrix management organisation
  • discuss the social and professional responsibilities of a project manager
  • use the project templates provided in the course materials in aspects of project planning and know how to best customise them for your workplace
  • discuss the role of the PMBOK® Guide in defining best practices in traditional project management and as the basis of recognised professional credentials.



  • Format
  • Case study
  • Review some basic project management concepts

Project selection

  • Selection of projects
  • Business cases
  • Project approvals

Integration management

  • Overall project plan
  • Integrated change control
  • Executing the plan
  • Work allocation
  • Project closure
  • A brief review of tools which can be used to assist in running projects
  • Scheduling, risk, change and issue management and new developments

Scope management

  • Gathering project requirements
  • Defining and verifying scope
  • Using Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Controlling changes to scope

Schedule management

  • Defining and sequencing project activities (using the WBS and network diagrams)
  • Estimating effort
  • Three-point estimates
  • Schedule development and control
  • Critical path
  • Fast tracking

Cost management

  • Deriving budgets and monitoring performance against them
  • Earned value analysis

Quality management

  • How we manage customer satisfaction by ensuring quality of deliverables – quality planning, managin quality/ quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC)

Resource management

  • Project management competency model
  • Training issues
  • Performance agreements
  • Project organisation models
  • Project staffing plans
  • Project management competencies and behaviours on the job
  • Managing all resources (human, physical, equipment)

Communications management

  • Stakeholder management
  • Status reporting
  • Information dissemination, both within team and outside to stakeholders
  • Correcting variances to plan
  • Lessons learned reporting

Risk management

  • Identifying, analysing and developing risk response strategies
  • Implementing the response strategies and monitoring risks
  • Managing risk and opportunities

Procurement management

  • Planning for, selecting and sourcing supply of goods and services from external vendors
  • Contract administration issues

Stakeholder management

  • Identifying stakeholders and developing a stakeholder engagement plan
  • Managing and monitoring the stakeholder engagement

Professional responsibility

  • A brief guide to the major professional responsibilities of a project manager in the workplace and the ethical conflicts that can arise from this role.

Intended audience

Designed for those who manage projects and need a more formal and structured approach. It makes reference to the features of planning tools such as Microsoft Project but it does not teach you how to use it. The material covered in the course outlines the process for collecting the data to drive such tools.

Delivery style

A variety of interactive methods will be used during the course. These include:

  • group brainstorming and discussions
  • team exercises
  • case study problem-solving.

Recommended reading

No specific pre-course reading is required. However, some of the material has been taken from the book A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) published by the Project Management Institute. You will be provided with your own copy of the PMBOK® Guide (Sixth Edition).


You will receive:

  • a personal copy of the PMBOK® Guide
  • a complete set of presentation slides
  • a comprehensive reference work book
  • suggested solutions to case study exercises
  • a certificate of attendance confirming PDUs (contact hours) earned.

Additional information

The Project Management Professional (PMP), CAPM, PgMP, and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

This course is presented by the course developers, Project Managers Network Pty Ltd.

Project Managers Network Pty Ltd. has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Project Managers Network Pty Ltd. has been approved by PMI to issue PDUs for this course.

Project Managers Network Pty Ltd. are an endorsed course provider for the Australian Institute of Project Management. AIPM is a trademark of the Australian Institute of Project Management.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • A very engaging presenter. The course was very comprehensive and great to instill confidence in the processes one is already using, whilst providing guidance on how to further improve project management skills. Highly recommended.

  • This course has an amazing facilitator, who has a wealth of knowledge. The students were treated like professionals and the tutor was engaging, interesting and collaborative. I would highly recommend this course.

  • Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to anybody. If you are looking for a comprehensive Project Management course then choose this one. A lot of content, but delivered well with real life scenarios providing great context. I would definitely do another course with this presenter.

  • Great course, communicated very well from the tutor with real life examples which helped in understanding the tools and techniques as presented in PMBOK.

  • The tutor is an extremely informative, well put together, experienced trainer. There were enough jokes/ personal experience examples and real life examples, so the course was easy to understand. It was a tight schedule, and you can tell the tutor lives and breathes Project Management and passes on the excitement and passion about what is taught.

  • The course was a thorough overview and very well structured with practical examples to test your understanding of tools, techniques and processes. It was a small enough group to feel engaged with question time and for valuable group discussion. The tutor was very knowledgeable with many years experience and very interesting to listen to.

  • A great teacher who provided real world insight and managed to tie it into everybody’s professions. It was a great style of course with small class numbers which really made a difference when compared to other courses. Materials provided were great and the complete guide was a valued investment of time.

  • Great course, I have learnt a lot and feel inspired to continue my education in project management.

  • I found talking through examples and tips based on previous experiences really helpful in working out how the theory is applied to real situations.

  • The presenter is a great educator, explaining things in easy to understand terms and the real world experience brought significant value to the course. It is a very intensive course with lots of information that needs to be presented in a relatively short amount of time.

  • The tutor is excellent in the way the share their experience with us, being passionate and knowledgeable about project management. The course has been very practical for us not only as individual project managers, but we believe the areas we’ve learnt about will benefit our company greatly too.

  • Great course, well structured, a great instructor, great mix of relevant case studies from the tutor’s experience and theory.

  • A very comprehensive course which provides a robust framework for Project Management.

  • The presenter is a very professional and experienced project manager who provided valuable insights on how to deliver a successful project. I am keen to apply these learnings to develop my own project management practices.

  • Very knowledgeable and provided a reasonable amount of real life experiences which identified with the content. Would highly recommend to any person interested in Project Management.

  • A very professional and educational course for Project Management which covered all aspects.

  • I found this course comprehensive, clear and detailed. It is fast-paced, so prior exposure to project management is required. I would highly recommend this course for anyone involved with projects in their work and not just for project managers studying for the PMBOK exam. As an experienced R&D/Product Development engineer I found this course of particular interest and regret not having access to the PMBOK guide much earlier in my career. All engineers must familiarise themselves at least with this guide, if not this course.

  • For me, this course brought ordered context to much of what we do in our business. Three days of lecturing was well supported with the presenter’s real life experience. Good to see that the presenter was happy to add a few extra minutes towards the exam, and noting that there is a course available to prepare candidates for the formal qualification.

  • Very intensive and extensive course, The tutor did a tremendous job and made sure to cover all aspects of this extensive course.

  • The tutor is very experienced in project management. Their warm and friendly personality adds a nice touch to this intensive course.

Project Management Course: The Complete Guide

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Project Management”}</p><p>Obtain a professional coverage of all the topics in <em>A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge</em> (PMBOK&reg; Guide). This

Project Management Course: The Complete Guide

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Project Management”}</p><p>Obtain a professional coverage of all the topics in <em>A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge</em> (PMBOK&reg; Guide). This

Project Management Course: The Complete Guide

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Project Management”}</p><p>Obtain a professional coverage of all the topics in <em>A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge</em> (PMBOK&reg; Guide). This


What others say.

  • All round this was a great course! The content was stimulating and engaging, and the course format was appropriate given the level of participants' prior knowledge.
  • A great facilitator who knew the subject matter very well. Made learning easy. Thanks!
  • The presenter was knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic. This is -- by far -- the most useful course from CCE I've taken to date.