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Experienced Executive Assistant's Course

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The role of the Executive Assistant (EA) has evolved from mostly an administrative focus of ‘hanging coats and taking notes’ to one that requires more sophisticated skills with increased responsibility and decision-making capability.

EA/PAs today deal with fast-paced, highly networked, multi-platformed digital business and organisational models. This one-day workshop provides you, the experienced Executive Assistant (EA), the opportunity to investigate the latest trends and methodologies in your EA/PA role. You will build on your skills and competencies and maximise your potential.

This course will help you ensure sound business outcomes in complex situations and to successfully navigate change.

This course is for experienced Executive or Personal Assistants with at least five years' experience. It is intended as a follow-on to the Executive Assistant’s Course. You do not need to attend that course to enrol in this one.


This workshop aims to equip you with strategies and methodologies to future proof your role and stand out from the crowd.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss factors contributing to the heightened expectations in today’s demanding business environment
  • review trends impacting the role of today’s Executive Assistant and discuss the shift in the ‘identity’ of this role
  • evaluate strategies for building trust and managing expectations
  • discuss aspects of diplomacy, negotiation and ‘gatekeeping’ when faced with negative events
  • identify aspects of best-practice communication in the workplace – technology vs. human interaction
  • articulate ways to build on your ‘professional brand’ – personal presentation, professional efficiencies and social media
  • evaluate the key aspects of being a Change Manager – training, marketing and communication
  • list ways to future-proof your role
  • discuss the career pathways for today’s EA.


This course covers the following topics:

Module 1 – Managing the many responsibilities of the current day Executive Assistant

  • Review the trends in the EA work environment such as global connectivity and reliance on digital platforms.
  • Address aspects of sustainability in the workplace.
  • Manage the heightened perceptions and expectations of the EA role through in-class discussion based on a robust learning framework.
  • Align the skill-set of the EA with your manager’s, by recognising the priorities of each.

Module 2 – Mastering communication in today’s complex business environment

  • Discuss the downfalls of current communication practices and address methods to improve business and interpersonal outcomes.
  • Review a case study to address the impact of a negative situation or event.
  • Identify skills of ‘gatekeeping’, diplomacy and negotiation.
  • Establish a sound business persona through strategies to build on your ‘brand’ including personal presentation and social media.

Module 3 – Master the dynamics of change

  • Identify key changes in the workplace by providing relevant examples for discussion.
  • Review the ‘Chaos’ model to successfully prepare for the consequences of changes EAs encounter.
  • List ways to manage stress and avoid ‘burn out’.

Module 4 – Strategies to future-proof the role of the Executive Assistant (EA)

  • Discuss the leadership attributes inherent in the role of the Executive Assistant.
  • Review current job descriptions in the EA marketplace and note the attributes advertised.
  • Assess personal goals and develop a timeline with milestones to achieve them.

Intended audience

Experienced EAs and PAs with at least five years' in a support role to a mid-senior manager.


We recommend attending the Executive Assistant’s Course or checking that your skills match the learning outcomes.

Delivery style

Workshop, interactive and discussion.


A course workbook is provided in class.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

Experienced Executive Assistant's Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Human Resources”}</p><p>The role of the Executive Assistant (EA) has evolved from mostly an administrative focus of ‘hanging coats and taking notes’ to one that