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Driver-Trained Occupational Therapist Refresher Day

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In partnership with Rehab on Road
Developed and delivered by the Rehab on Road, a coordinator of training for occupational therapists, driving instructors and doctors in the area of driver assessment and rehabilitation.

The Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation Refresher seminar is for driver trained occupational therapists who want to update their knowledge and skill in the area of driver assessment and rehabilitation. The course is ideal for therapists who trained a number of years ago but have not consistently worked in driver rehabilitation, who want to increase their confidence working in the area, or who just want opportunity to review policy and practice changes.

Participants are encouraged to complete this course in conjunction with the Heavy Vehicle Assessment & Training Course being conducted the following day for advanced training in driver assessment and rehabilitation. These 1 Day courses can be completed as stand alone training days, or alternatively, as a consecutive 2 Day training package.

Course outcomes

On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance, and can include this 8 hour course in your compulsory 30 hours of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Course content

The DOTR will cover the following content:

  • An overview of how to assess cognitive fitness-to-drive including examining a range of standardised assessments suitable for predicting on-road performance (from simple pen and paper tests to complex batteries and digital tools such as touch screen DriveSafe and DriveAware).
  • A review of current medico-legal report writing procedures including provision of updated C class report templates on USB.
  • An overview of recent changes in policy with release of the 2016 Austroads medical guidelines and other policy influencers.
  • Discussion regarding how to register for the NDIS and how to negotiate the system in assessing fitness to drive or assessing community access for passengers.
  • Opportunity to update knowledge regarding recent advances in vehicle modifications such as over/under-ring and satellite accelerators and voice operated controls. Equipment suppliers will demonstrate equipment to allow opportunity to view the modifications in-situ.
  • A general overview of the off-road assessment protocol with opportunity to practice or review any areas (e.g., physical screening or screening of vision).
  • Q & A session so the group can share any expertise, case studies, or ask questions.

Course suitable for

You must be a qualified driver trained occupational therapist to attend this course.

Course delivery

The course will be delivered by Beth Cheal & Lyndall Cook, Driver Trained Occupational Therapists. Teaching is face-to-face for one day.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.


For enquiries regarding eligibility, course content or assessment requirements please contact the course coordinator:

Beth Cheal
Driver Trained Occupational Therapist & Driving Instructor
0422 265 330
or Send an email


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