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Enhancing Your English Course: Steps Toward Better Writing - Advanced

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Designed for people in the workplace and tertiary-level students who want to increase their communication skills at an advanced level, this provides advanced understanding of grammar, sentence structure and written and spoken communication for professional and academic purposes. Each week we deal with advanced skills in writing, with a focus on how to build from vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure to paragraphs and longer pieces of writing that involve higher order thinking. It also functions as an advanced reading and discussion group about selected texts, from a combination of print texts chosen from journalism, business writing, academic writing, current affairs and novels. Weekly written exercises will relate to these texts and discussions as well as to your own work and study. A major focus is that skills gain from reading and conversation – and reading and conversation are too often not possible in a busy working life. Your own writing each week and the presenter’s detailed comment on it are one of the advantages.

The reader provides a selection of texts across the full range for study. Other texts for reading and discussion will be chosen in consultation with the group.


  1. Enhance skills in advanced formal writing.
  2. Increase skills in sentence structure, paragraphs, punctuation and grammar.
  3. Increase skills in formal written and spoken for a range of purposes including essays and formal work place communication.
  4. Increase skills in the development of vocabulary.
  5. Gain skills for continued development of formal writing.


  • Advanced introduction to spoken and written formats.
  • Revision of practical grammar.
  • Building writing with advanced work in sentence structure, punctuation and spelling.
  • Advanced practice in writing with a focus on paragraphs and argument.
  • Vocabulary enrichment.
  • Formal writing for a range of communication, including formal communication for the workplace and online text , and essays for secondary and tertiary courses.
  • Individual written homework exercises with detailed reading and discussion by the presenter.
  • A focus on extending skills through reading texts, and group discussion and conversation, with a focus on pronunciation and fluent, formal for spoken as well as written academic and professional purposes.
  • A major focus is that spoken and writing skills improve as a result of practice in a wide range of reading, writing and conversation.

Intended Audience

Suitable people who have a standard competence and wish to increase their skills in formal writing and speaking to a more advanced level. It is suitable for people in the workforce who want to polish their communication skills, and for university students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Designed to be rewarding for both native speakers and people who come from another language. If you have only a limited competence you should begin with Enhancing Your English Course: Steps Towards Better Writing – Standard before proceeding to this advanced course.

Delivery Style

Delivered as a combination of lecture and interactive discussion, and conversation, including a reader, texts for discussion, regular written work and reading of selected texts such as newspapers, magazine essays, business writing, academic essays, novels and online resources such as TED.com.


Includes a course reader, available at the first meeting.

Recommended Reading

The following text might be useful as preparation but it is not essential:

Woods, Geraldine, (2010) Grammar Essentials for Dummies, Wiley Publishing.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • I loved that the professor would read your written papers and not only correct mistakes, but depending on the background of your paper, would actually give suggestions on how to improve the sequence of your ideas. This was a really good course!

  • What a wonderful tutor. I’ve learned a lot from this course. If there are other courses by this tutor, I would like to attend.

  • I would strongly recommend Enhancing Your English: Steps Toward Better Writing ��Advanced course. I have done the course three times and I would like to repeat it once again because there is always something to learn and there is no limit to perfection. Undoubtedly, I have had remarkable results and a real prove of progress as my writing score has climbed from 6.0 (IELTS � Academic) to 8.8 (PTE � Academic).

  • An exceptional tutor/instructor. I will recommend any course in which this tutor is lecturing in the future.

What others say.

  • An exceptional tutor/instructor. I will recommend any course in which this tutor is lecturing in the future.