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Media Release Writing Course: Write and Promote a Press Release

Marketing Communications. Connect better with your audience.

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Learn how to write a media release and promote it effectively.

A press release is among the most powerful marketing tools available to your business. So how come yours isn’t cutting through? At this media release course, learn to build conversations around your product with a soundly structured press release that has news value, compelling insights and well-placed search engine keywords. We’ll look at good and bad examples, and devote a good amount of time to writing a press release. Finally, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for promoting a media release in a contemporary digital landscape.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • choose the right news angle from eight core possibilities
  • replicate an effective press release structure
  • cross-check that their press release information incorporates the six W’s
  • choose one of four timeless styles for their attention-grabbing heading
  • edit their press release so it avoids the four basic pitfalls of the amateur writer
  • develop a cross-promotion plan that follows a basic three-part structure.


This course covers the following topics:

1. Plan

  • Know what makes 'news'
  • Refine your goals
  • Understand the audience
  • Develop the news angle

2. Research

  • Establish keywords
  • Uncover engaging facts
  • Use reliable sources
  • Obtain quotes from relevant spokespeople

3. Write

  • Use a classic press release structure
  • Place search engine keywords correctly
  • Write effective headlines
  • Link ideas clearly

4. Review

  • Check for media-friendly language
  • Tighten and clarify expression
  • Tighten phrasing
  • Proofread for consistent style

5. Promote

  • Maintain a current database
  • Cultivate media relationships
  • Build hype ahead of the release
  • Tap into social media and social bookmarking sites
  • Cross-promote with strategic partners

Intended audience

This training course is suitable for:

  • early career professionals
  • small business owners
  • executives transitioned into marketing roles
  • PR and marketing practitioners.

Delivery style

This interactive media release workshop uses a mix of discussion, group and individual exercises, textbook press releases and real-life examples.

What to bring

A large segment is devoted to refining your media release. Feel free to bring a hard or soft copy of your draft press release, along with files containing any facts and figures you plan to draw on. If you don’t have a draft in progress, you can choose from one of the presenter’s topics. Note that there is no internet access on the day. Either stick to a pen and notepad, or download files to the desktop of your electronic device.

Before the course

Before this course, analyse your own press releases and list the specific problems you are facing. Read other industry press releases to start thinking about what does (and doesn’t) make for interesting reading.

Course assessment

During the media release workshop, you will write at least two press releases – one crafted as a mock example based on a series of textbook points, and another on a topic of your choice. Those releases will be discussed and critiqued verbally.

After the course

You will receive a list of useful reading resources and will develop a plan to improve your writing skills long after the workshop is over.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • This course has a fantastic facilitator, one of the best courses that I’ve attended.

  • This course was well thought out and organised. The content was engaging, informative and enjoyable.

  • Great material and even better teaching. Would recommend this class and tutor to everyone.

  • An excellent facilitator for this course and I enjoyed the interactive nature of the day. I felt I left the course with a clear understanding of how to write a press release.

Media Release Writing Course: Write and Promote a Press Release

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What others say.

  • Steph was a tremendous tutor and this course has given me great skills I will use for many years to come!
  • An excellent facilitator for this course and I enjoyed the interactive nature of the day. I felt I left the course with a clear understanding of how to write a press release.
  • A fantastic tutor and an experienced writer who imparted practical and engaging content, tips and advice. The venue and provided lunch are great, also. Look forward to taking the Doco Making course this year!
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