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Ana Delgado Prieto

Ana Delgado Prieto


Ana is a dedicated language teacher with more than 15 years' experience teaching English and Spanish to children and adults. Aside from CCE, Ana currently teaches Spanish at Macquarie University, WEA Sydney and Sydney Community College.

Ana holds a Degree in Teaching, a Master Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a globally recognised certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. She has an in depth knowledge of both languages in terms of lexis, grammatical structures and phonology.

Ana is passionate about teaching and loves learning new methodological approaches to foreign language teaching. She is especially keen on the communicative method of teaching languages which is based on the idea that learning a language comes through having to communicate real meaning. Her main goal is to keep students motivated by using engaging and interactive activities. She believes that motivation is key to learning and always tries to make her classes as appealing as possible.

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