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Understanding Investing for Long-Term Gain Course

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Most of us know how to spend money, but very few of us know how to make it! Put simply, your choices in the short term will have the greatest impact on your long-term dreams and ambitions. In this informative day we’ll discuss how the Australian share market works, the importance of a long-term view, how to ensure you generate an income from your assets, dividends and yields, investing versus speculating, what really happens when we sell, and the effects of tax and inflation. We’ll also cover the performance of some of Australia’s top companies. Good ideas for getting started no matter what your budget and where to go for further information and advice.

Course content

This Investment course covers the following topics:

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding stock market indices.
  • The importance of income or cash flow.
  • The role of the media.
  • A brief look at history and the relevance of past stock market corrections.
  • A comparison of the performance of cash and shares.
  • An illustration of why share prices go up over the long term and the key drivers.
  • A discussion of the ‘yield trap’ for cash and shares and why yield should be ignored.
  • A comparison of the performance of property and shares.
  • Why there are no successful listed residential property trusts.
  • The ‘yield trap’ in relation to shares and property.
  • A discussion of stockmarket performance and its relevance over the last 100 years plus.
  • The role of human perceptions (biases) and ‘herd’ behaviour in investment decision making.

Course Outcomes

At the end of th this investment course, participants will be able to:

  • Take charge of their financial future in a focussed, positive and constructive way
  • Understand the vital importance of investing in good businesses (shares)
  • Enable them to more clearly identify what and what not to pay attention to in this world of ‘too much’ information and avoid 'analysis paralysis'
  • Maximise the efficiency of the many investment structures available to us, e.g. superannuation
  • Help add to their ongoing knowledge with sensible and relevant questioning of future professional advice that is offered
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that destroy wealth
  • Identify the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Help decide just what it is they want to be good at financially and to confidently outsource those things beyond their competence
  • Differentiate critically between investment perceptions and reality


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Great learning experience and insight into the investment world.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found the presenter to be very engaging, informative and passionate throughout the day. I’ve got lots to action from this day!

  • Fantastic, informative and so valuable. The enthusiasm, succinctness and overall conviction made a subject that some may view as dry, interesting and engaging.

  • WOW – what sensational insights to investing for the long term. The content was fantastic and the ‘challenge everything’ concept was very enlightening. The most important concept – Golden Rules of Wealth Creation, is so easy to understand and grasp. Follow these rules and wealth will appear in abundance.

  • This course provides a solid basic understanding of equity markets while highlighting some of the pitfalls of investing.

  • I attended one of these seminars about 10 years ago and decided to follow the strategy of buying dividend producing shares. This wealth creation strategy works through the capital gain from the shares and the rising dividends those shares generate. I attended again to ask some questions and can highly recommend both the course and the strategy for new and experienced investors. This course has particular value for younger people just starting out. It will give you a road map for a lifetime of financial security. And you wont worry about the next Global Financial Crisis.

  • The presenter was passionate and extremely knowledgeable. This course was a life changer for my wife and I. Time to move from the uncertainty of investing in bricks and mortar to the safety and security of the share market. Thank you again!

  • A great, informative course that cuts a clear path through the media share market fear and noise, presented by a passionate, knowledgeable facilitator. Recommended for anyone who wants to begin taking control of their financial future.

  • I found the presenter passionate, engaging and a very good speaker – you could feel the tutor’s desire to make you learn. I have recommended this to a few friends already!

  • The tutor is a legend – if you want to get rich slowly and enjoy a solid passive income when you get to retirement, do yourself a favour and understand his investment thinking – all backed up by the evidence!

  • The presenter was informative, energetic and engaging, using relevant slides and transforming my understanding of the investment options available to me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will certainly be recommending this course to others.

  • A passionate tutor who really engaged with us as a group. I can’t wait to take the teachings of this course and apply them to my financial growth.

  • Absolutely loved this course. Such a captivating and engaged presenter who takes something that appears so complex and puts it in simple terms.

  • The presenter delivered an amusing and lively lecture on a usually mundane subject, keeping me entertained. This has also given me some direction in long term investing.

  • One of the best courses I have attended. Informative and life changing!

  • Good course and very entertaining speaker who has created a change in my thinking.

  • The session was not what I expected at all – but I learned so much that I rushed home to do more research and start trading!

  • The presenter tipped my views of the financial world upside down on its head, thus allowing me to see the world in a different perspective. The audience was engaged with thought-provoking ideas which keep you wanting for more.

  • Fantastic course and great presenter with total passion for the subject!

  • This course is run by an inspired educator who enjoys sharing a depth of knowledge of this subject. Further, this knowledge is imparted to students of any age. A very thought-provoking day.

  • Covered the subject in depth, value for money, venue had a relaxed feel to it, made for a well spent day.

  • Very informative and entertaining. Wish I’d heard this advice 20 years ago. Simple and smart.

  • The presenter is passionate and enthusiastic with the refreshing trait of having the courage to give voice to his convictions without equivocation.

  • A wonderful presentation. The tutor expressed the subject matter with passion, dispelling myths and making sense of what seems to many a confounding topic. Excellent!

  • Informative and entertaining, quality insights with practical application.

Understanding Investing for Long-Term Gain Course
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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