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Strategic Planning Course

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In this strategic planning course, you’ll gain an understanding of the relationships between strategy, planning and execution, and learn how to develop a strategic mindset, improve your analytical skills, and apply creative planning to current challenges. There’s much confusion and controversy surrounding business strategy. Where is the magic pathway to success for organisation? How do we optimise our strategy to use least resources to achieve our objectives? What are the variables and how do we juggle them when so much always seems to be changing?

Using case studies and drawing on the ideas and models of leaders in the field, this strategic planning course will debunk the myths and illustrate how good strategies are formed (and why bad ones remain embedded).


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • understanding the definitions and components of strategic planning
  • identify why some organisations have great difficulty in strategic planning
  • discuss the role of strategic planning
  • assess and improve your company strategy
  • utilise your Improved ability to think strategically while operating and managing daily objectives
  • new ability to integrate strategic planning into normal business activity.


Strategic planning – What is it really?

This section sets the objectives of the strategic planning course, describes the background to strategic planning and sets a background for the remainder of the day.

  • The business strategy playing field
  • The importance of strategic thinking
  • The language of strategy – definitions and misnomers
  • Beginning with the end in mind

Obstacles to an effective business strategy

This section looks at what deters or prevents business from strategic planning. Even with good intentions organisations can still fail to develop effective business strategies.

  • Change through planned strategies not by chance
  • Obstacles to an effective strategy
  • The comfort traps organisations fall into
  • Escaping the traps – the solution
  • The importance of organisational direction
  • Time poor organisations and managers

The strategic chaos

This section of the strategic planning course describes the history of strategic planning in achieving the business goal of market leadership and outlines some of the lessons of history.

To prepare you for ‘The next big idea’ in your company or in business generally, we show how the strategy gurus serially got it wrong. From Michael Porter, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Treacy and Wiersema, we outline some of the approaches to business strategy and strategic marketing by the great gurus and show how some companies have used these theories to steer some of the largest companies in the world.

  • The 'Gurus'
  • Fads, ideas and concepts
  • Common threads of the Gurus
  • Modern Integrated strategies

Strategy and execution

This section deals with the common myths about links between strategies, plans and execution readiness. We discuss views on how strategies and executions can be strongly linked.

  • The reality of the business strategy hierarchy
  • The link to the companies Vision and Mission statements
  • Types of thinking – linear, lateral, circular, abstract, creative
  • Strategic thinking process or mindset
  • Strategic planning and strategic thinking

The outcomes of strategic planning

This section focuses on how to deal with the outcomes of strategic planning and how to manage the often frustrating task of dealing with imprecise analysis.

  • Other barriers to good strategies
  • Tying strategy to profit
  • Tying strategy to activity
  • Strategy and your customer’s strategy

Effective managers – strategic gurus or sharp operators?

Here we look at more recent strategic gurus and the key difference with previous gurus. This section is highly interactive with discussion and case studies, students will also have the opportunity to look at their own organisation and review its current strategic plans.

  • Military strategies for today’s businesses
  • Short term planning v long term strategies
  • Taking your thinking to the next level
  • Juggling strategy and today
  • The influence of luck and how to improve your own luck
  • Conclusions.

Intended audience

Designed to suit those who are moving into or those that are relatively new to the ‘strategic planning’ arena. It will also be of benefit to those who are involved with strategic planning and are after some clarification and direction to improve their strategic thinking and strategic planning skills.

The course focuses on some of the barriers to strategic planning and techniques that can be used to overcome and avoid these barriers. You will learn how to develop a strategic mindset, improve your analytical skills, and apply creative planning to current challenges. Activities and case studies are used to highlight some key components that are needed to create sound and effective strategies, and give you a solid foundation on which to build your organisations strategic plans.

Delivery style

The Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) states that one of the most valuable resources in adult education is the learner themselves. This course has been designed to actively involve the learner throughout the day. It includes:

  • interactive presentations
  • group workshops and discussions
  • contextualised activities
  • case studies.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Good information, putting things into perspective, and also allowed for use of real world examples relevant to me.

  • The instructor delivered all the outcomes listed in the course outline and was a FANTASTIC convenor — was knowledgeable, interactive and engaging. Thanks.

  • Small class size was great to encourage discussion and participation from the group. Tutor was very knowledgeable and had a relaxed presenting style which put the group at ease right from the start.

  • Brilliant course, practical and packed with exercises that’s helped learning outcomes. Highly recommended!

  • The course content was excellent, Michael engaged all attendees from the beginning and had great practical and interactive examples and activities of all the topics covered. It flowed well with good insights and I’m excited about completing more readings as advised on this topic.

  • I enjoyed the course, the fact that the tutor got us engaged and used a good number of exercises was very positive.

  • It was different to what I was expecting, but on reflection much better. It really made me think about strategic planning and what I could do right now to take decisive action on creating a strategic communication plan for my organisation, what barriers I might face and motivation to be more assertive in my approach.

  • The presenter was just excellent – very experienced, great anecdotes, the day flew by in a good way. Well balanced with text, stories, theory, examples, individual and group activities. I really learnt much more than what I thought I would, particularly in relation to my own style of working as a team member to resolve problems and develop strategies.

  • A thoroughly enjoyable course. The tutor was considerate of our attention levels and inserted practical team work into learning theory.

  • The tutor kept the attention of the audience – which is not an easy feat in the late afternoon. This course was interactive and very helpful for my particular role.

  • I enjoyed the variety and useful information and tools offered. Also, a good mix of University and commercial sector delegates.

  • The value of the course was outstanding. The food was excellent. The content was a great blend between practical application, case studies and theory.

  • The tutor was very engaging as well as informative. It was a great day with all the activities and I learnt a lot of useful information that I will use in my day to day role.

What others say.

  • The presenter was very engaging and demonstrated a vast knowledge base in this area. Very enjoyable and helpful.
  • The presenter was knowledgable, patient and entertaining. I feel I got more than I expected to take away.
  • The Strategic Planning Course provided the clarity and depth that I have always sought about strategy and strategic planning.