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Street Photography Course I: Day

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For someone who has either attended beginners' classes, or is self taught and knows how to operate his/her camera. You will discover that the streets offer up a moving feast that never fails to inspire the photographer with an eye!

You will gain confidence in being able to frame situations and people on the streets in your own way.

Check out this Street Photography with Lynn Smith photo book published on Blurb. Each year the presenter, Lynn Smith, edits a “best of” photo book which can be previewed and purchased by participants, their family and friends via blurb.com. Your pictures may well be featured in the latest edition…


Saturday morning

  • Classroom session where we discuss images by some outstanding figures in street photography like Berenice Abbott, Dianne Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Andre Kertesz, Helen Levitt, Jesse Marlow, Trent Parke, Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Raghu Rai, Lisa Sarfati, Stephen Shore and Garry Winogrand. Working in pairs, you will analyse your favourite images and discuss them with class. Presenter adds input.
  • You’ll do a camera-less shoot in the vicinity of the classroom in order to practice seeing.
  • Presenter introduces the 4 X Ps of street photography: Perspective, Proportion, People and Paradox.
  • Presenter explains his method of positive reinforcement: everyone who engages with the work will feel empowered.
  • Introduction to flickr for those who are not yet members (it’s free).
  • Join the dedicated flickr group: Street Photography with Lynn Smith.

Saturday afternoon

  • Street shoot in Newtown starting at Newtown station. Itinerary includes lots of grungy laneways filled with street art, a 19th century photographer-friendly sandstone church cemetery, funky residents, a street market etc.
  • Participants will be supplied with a map of the route and have the option of either walking it in the company of presenter (who’s happy to assist with how you might shoot something, but will never tell you what to shoot) or doing it on their own and rejoining everyone at the meet up.
  • This will be a black and white shoot with the emphasis on the first 2 x Ps: Perspective and Proportion.
  • Meet up for a drink or coffee at a location in Newtown, at mutually agreed time.

Saturday evening

  • At home participants will be asked to upload their ten best best pictures from the afternoon shoot to your gallery on flickr.

Sunday morning

  • Classroom session: review of Saturday’s images. Working in pairs, participants identify the main strengths in each other’s work and discuss with colleagues. Tutor adds input.

Sunday afternoon

  • Street shoot in northern end of Newtown. Kicks off from classroom.
  • Loads of downtown grunge, architectural clashes and all sorts of interesting people: from fashionistas to hippies…hipsters to boomer bohemians… street musos to restaurant spruikers.
  • This will be a colour shoot and concentrate on the remaining three Ps of street photography: People, Point of interest and Paradox
  • articipants will be supplied with a map of the route and have the option of either walking it in the company of presenter and getting some one-on-one time or doing it on their own and rejoining everyone at the meet up.
  • Meet up at for a drink at the Great Southern Hotel (back bar), 717 George St. at mutually agreed time.


  • Upload images from all shoots to your personal gallery on flickr by Monday night if possible (Tuesday night latest).
  • Presenter and classmates leave comments on your best images and suggest which ones to upload to the Street Photography with Lynn Smith group. Of course you’re free to join as many flickr groups as you like… the more your images get around, the more comments they will attract.

About the Presenter

Lynn Smith spent 25 years as an advertising copywriter and creative director, 10 of which also involved tutoring creative people. Lynn has lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Auckland and New York and enjoyed shooting the street life in those places. He has two Masters degrees: Master of Documentary Photography (by coursework) and Master of Fine Arts (by research). Lynn has taught advertising creativity at the Billy Blue School in Sydney and writing for short films at the Australian Film Television & Radio School. He began exhibiting his street images in Sydney galleries in 2004. He has staged five solo shows and participated in 10 group shows since then. Lynn was a finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards (2009) and a finalist in Sydney Life (2010). His images are held by private collectors in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and London.


  1. Be confident in approaching people on the street you would like to appear in your pictures.
  2. Be familiar with and be able to utilise the 5 x Ps of street photography… ingredients in most of the images created by the world’s best known street photographers: Proportion, Perspective, People, Point of Interest and Paradox.
  3. Be able to work with long exposures at night using a tripod and available light.
  4. Have the ability to create pictures that are interesting to look at and more memorable than snapshots.

Suitable for

Suitable for people who are familiar with the basic operations of their camera (analogue or digital). This is creatively-driven, not a ‘how to’.

What to bring

Participants will need to bring the following items:

  • A camera you know how to operate.
  • Appropriate lens or lenses.
  • Sufficient batteries and digital storage to last the weekend (if using digital camera).
  • One roll of film (20 exposures) for each shoot (if using film camera).
  • Sturdy shoes (no open toes please).
  • Clothing suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • Lynn is an inspiring tutor/mentor. The course was great and opened my eyes to a whole new genre of photography.