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Chinese Mandarin Course 104: Intensive

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Please note that course materials (excluding prescribed texts) are shared electronically within 48 hours of course commencement. Printing is not available.

Join us for this Intensive Chinese Mandarin course. Designed for enthusiastic learners, this course continues on from Chinese Mandarin Course 103: Intensive. It covers lessons 16 to 20 of the prescribed textbook Integrated Chinese, Volume 2, and is taught over two weekly, two-hour sessions.

Content from this course is also available over ten weekly sessions of two hours by completing Chinese Mandarin 1041: Standard followed by Chinese Mandarin 1042: Standard.

In partnership with the Confucius Institute
Offered in association with the Confucius Institute at the University of Sydney. The Confucius Institute is based on a partnership with Fudan University, in collaboration with the Office of The Chinese Language Council International in China (Hanban). It is managed by the the Office of Global Engagement. The first to be established in New South Wales, the Institute has attracted thousands of people to its popular Chinese language and culture programs.


The aims of this course are to:

  • introduce 170 vocabulary items
  • cover topics such as dating, renting an apartment, sports, travel and airports
  • enhance your confidence in communicating in Chinese
  • deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and society.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss around 170 vocabulary items and recognise around 200 Chinese characters
  • invite someone to go on a date
  • set up an outing with friends
  • accept or decline an invitation politely
  • describe your current and ideal home, including furniture
  • speak about living arrangements and their suitability
  • talk about your exercise habits and opinion of different sports
  • make a simple comparison between how soccer and Australian football are played
  • talk about your travel itinerary
  • ask for discounts, compare airfares and routes and book an airplane ticket
  • ask about seat assignments and request meal accommodations based on dietary restrictions or preferences
  • check-in at the airport
  • wish departing friends a safe journey and remind them to keep in touch
  • greet guests at the airport
  • compliment someone on his or her language ability
  • ask about someone’s health.


  • Dating – seeing a movie and turning down an invitation
  • Renting an apartment – finding a better place and calling to enquire about an apartment for rent
  • Sports – my gut keeps getting bigger and bigger; watching American football
  • Travel – travelling to Beijing and planning an itinerary
  • At the airport – checking in at the airport and arriving in Beijing
  • The adverb 就 (jiù)
  • 多 (duō) indicating an approximate number
  • Question pronouns with都 / 也 (dōu / yě)
  • Verb + 了 (le) + numeral + measure word + noun +了 (le)
  • Continuously descriptive complements, potential complements, directional complements, potential complements with verb + 不下 (bù xià)
  • 连…都 / 也 (lián…dōu / yě)
  • The particle 着 (zhe)
  • Kinship terms, numbers over one thousand
  • 的 (de), 得 (de), 地 (de) compared, …的时候 (…de shíhòu) and …以后 (…yǐhòu) compared
  • 好 / 难 (hǎo / nán) + verb, 不得了 (bù déliǎo, extremely)
  • 下去 (xià qù) indicating, 还 (hái) + positive adjective
  • 被 / 叫 / 让 (bèi / jiào / ràng) in passive-voice sentences
  • Duration of non-action, continuation, duration of actions
  • Question pronouns as indefinite references (whoever, whatever, etc.)
  • Comparative sentences with 比 (bǐ)

Intended audience

Suitable for A2 level participants who have completed Chinese Mandarin 103 or 1032, or who have completed 120 hours of tuition.

Delivery style

Delivered as a series of interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged.

Prescribed text

Both simplified and traditional character versions of the textbook and the two workbooks are available, however the simplified version will be taught in the classroom. You can also opt for the electronic version of materials.

While the textbook is required, the workbook and character workbook are optional.

All textbooks are available in 3rd and 4th editions. If you already own a 3rd edition copy, you’re welcome to use it. If not, please purchase the 4th edition.

Textbooks should only be purchased after confirmation is received from us. This usually occurs up to five days prior to commencement.

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