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CSS Course: Introduction

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a front-end coding language used by all web pages in the presentation of content. If you are looking for a career in front-end web development, CSS skills are essential. An understanding of CSS and its fundamentals are relevant to a variety of careers, particularly those with a ‘digital focus’, including digital marketing, website design and website maintenance.

This introductory course provides hand-on experience with CSS. By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • create basic web pages using CSS with HTML
  • understand CSS best practice
  • deliver web pages that work across browsers and devices
  • maintain and share global style sheets.

All course participants should have a basic understanding of HTML prior to commencing.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand CSS styles as a design tool
  2. Produce web pages using CSS
  3. Implement re-usable CSS Styles
  4. Create, use, export and link styles
  5. Control the styling of web pages
  6. Create and manage layout strategies
  7. Deliver web pages that work across a variety of browsers and devices
  8. Effectively use CSS for specific tasks


This CSS introductory course covers the following topics:


  • A quick review of HTML
  • The relationship between HTML and CSS
  • Preparing basic documents for coding

Content versus presentation

  • Designing your site
  • Analysing and projecting your page and site
  • Using CSS as a flexible development tool

Syntax of CSS

  • Designing your site
  • Understanding CCS rules and styles
  • Implementing styles in HTML
  • Underdtanding notions of cascading and proximity


  • What is a ‘Style’?
  • Types of Styles
  • What is a ‘Class’?
  • Defining HTML with CSS
  • ID Styles
  • Advanced, pseudo classes

Implementing CSS

  • Inline, local and global CSS
  • Styles controllers/properties
  • Using and editing styles

Controlling the presentation of HTML

  • Page presentation
  • Text presentation
  • Controlling other elements

Layout technologies with CSS

  • Elements of design
  • The Box model strategy
  • The block and the fundamentals of layout

Site management with CSS

  • Global style sheets
  • Making styles available to other pages on your site
  • Previewing your website

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for participants:

  • interested in developing hands-on CSS skills
  • interested in a career in front-end web development
  • interested in web technologies

Participants should be familiar with basic HTML and ideally have a basic understanding of front-end coding languages.

Delivery Style

This course is delivered as a hands-on computer-based workshop. This class takes place in the CCE computer labs with computers and software provided.

Before the Course

Participants should have basic computer skills across Mac and PC. Participants should also have a basic understanding or interest in web development and design.


  • Free repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Free USB flash drive
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every student
  • Small class size
  • Student notes – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • A thorough and useful induction into the use of CSS for web design.