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Telephone Sales Skills Course

Sales and customer service. Make happy customers.

This telephone sales course teaches you the skills and techniques you will need on the telephone to get more leads, appointments and close more sales. You will leave the course with confidence and motivation to get on with the job of cold calling, warm outbound calling, prospecting and converting inbound enquiries into sales. You should be able to call your past and existing customers without feeling like a pest, and you’ll be able to follow-up mail-outs, website enquiries and quotes without the fear of rejection. Armed with your new skills, you will have more purpose and be able to achieve better results immediately.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss the importance of attitude when selling
  • master five ways to develop a captivating tonality for the phone
  • design the questions and demonstrate the listening skills that make people want to buy
  • discuss the language that kills a sale
  • write your own telemarketing script
  • achieve five appointments in one hour
  • convert nine out of ten enquiries into a sale
  • present a powerful sales presentation with four ingredients
  • state the difference between trial closes and real closes
  • increase the value of the purchase
  • handle every single objection
  • practise follow-up techniques
  • overcome call reluctance
  • set and achieve targets
  • manage the CRM system to plan calls and measure success.


This comprehensive sales training program is suitable for anyone who uses the phone to generate leads, make appointments, sell products and services, follow-up quotes, mail-outs, inactive customers and existing customers. It begins with an overview of the vital ingredients you must have to be successful in telephone sales.

You can have all the sales skills in the world but if you sound dull and boring on the phone, you will sell nothing. We will discuss five ways to make yourself sound more engaging, so people do not hang up on you. You will also learn some professional telephone etiquette, and key words that cause people resistance.

We will then discuss selling and some interesting ways to get through the gatekeeper. You’ll create a script for making an appointment that will work for you the next day. This will incorporate the questions to ask and the listening skills you need to demonstrate.

In the afternoon, you’ll learn how to make the entire sale over the phone, how to present what you have to offer with benefits, how to close, and how to upsell and cross sell. How to handle the inbound call is also covered in this section.

There is a specific way you’ll learn to follow-up quotes, mail-outs, existing customers, inactive customers and sales. Doing so will ensure better results.

You will also learn the six steps to preparing a successful telesales campaign – goal setting, script creation, preparation of objection handling, getting a list of whom to target, managing yourself and your follow-ups.

Finally, we cover some techniques to overcome call reluctance should that ever occur, as well as the different CRM systems, with an overview of how to set them up to work with the telephone sales process.

Intended audience

Suitable for:

  • Telemarketers
  • Sales People
  • Sales Consultants
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales/telesales Trainers
  • Call Centre Managers
  • Direct Marketers
  • People who run their own business
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • anyone looking to go into a telemarketing/telephone sales role.

No previous experience is necessary. If you are currently working in a sales role and have a telesales script, it would be a good idea to bring it with you.

Delivery style

This course is highly interactive, motivational, practical, interesting and fun. The telesales script that attendees create on the day will be proofed by the trainer after the event.


A course workbook is provided in class.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Free, expert advice
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • A very useful and resourceful session. Can’t wait to apply this to my day to day job.

  • A great tutor. Extremely knowledgeable and entertaining, holding our interest for the day – and we gained a lot from the course.

  • It was a good course and the tutor was able to adapt the training to my specific situation.

  • So much information packed into one day, all so relevant and communicated clearly via the presenter. You can tell they are so experienced on this subject. Really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

  • The tutor was full of knowledge and extensive experience. Great choice for trainer!

Telephone Sales Skills Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Sales and Customer Service”}</p><p>{block name:“Course Message - Business and management”}</p><p>This telephone sales course teaches you the skills and techniques you


What others say.

  • So much information packed into one day, all so relevant and communicated clearly via the presenter. You can tell they are so experienced on this subject. Really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.
  • A structured course providing strategies to initiate and close a telemarketing campaign. The practical and interactive nature of the workshop was invaluable. I could not have achieved the level of learning I received by any other means. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.