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HSC English - Advanced Exam Preparation Course (September)

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This course offers last-minute practice and advice for HSC English Advanced students. It covers Papers 1 (Area of Study) and 2 (Modules 1-3) of the Advanced course, and is the perfect opportunity for students to remind themselves of some of the key elements of each Section, and what the examiners are looking for in successful HSC responses. There will be some last-minute practice in analytical language skills, and the chance to brush up on the fundamental concepts all students need to focus on in the Modules and the Area of Study, as well as the opportunity to ask questions about Prescribed and Related Texts and exam techniques. In addition, the course examines past papers together with high-achieving student HSC responses and marker feedback from previous years, and considers exactly how these students responded successfully to the questions, and why markers rewarded them.


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Refresh their knowledge of the skills most important to successful HSC English responses.
  • Look at past HSC student responses and marker feedback to see practical examples of how students may achieve at a high level.
  • Remind themselves of the key concepts for each Section of the two English papers.
  • Experience some last-minute practice in the essential skill of language analysis.
  • Ask questions about their texts and about exam preparation and responses.


(Aligned to NESA Syllabus Reference Points)

  • 1,2,2A,3 Explaining and evaluating ways in which context affects composers and responders, comparing and contrasting texts and exploring their relationship, establishing how and why they are valued and developing language relevant to the study of English.
  • 4,5 Explaining and evaluating the effects of textual forms, conventions, technologies and media of production through composition and reflecting on the effect of change in textual form and on the relationships between representation and meaning.
  • 6,7,8 Developing skills of observing and explaining details of texts through close critical analysis as the foundation of a personal response to texts; synthesising a range of textual features to communicate purposefully for a range of audiences and contexts; articulating ideas critically, interpretively and imaginatively in both responding to and composing texts, using appropriate stylistic devices.
  • 9,10.11 Individually and collaboratively evaluating processes for effective learning including the organisation of information and ideas; analysing and synthesising information and ideas to develop sustained and logical argument; demonstrating control of language through imaginatively transforming experience into texts.
  • 12,12A,13 Reflecting on own processes of responding and composing by careful evaluation of own composition and those of others; explaining and evaluating different ways of responding to and composing texts through questioning meaning and articulating the effect of image, perspective and voice on meaning; and reflecting on their own and others' processes and strategies for learning.

Intended Audience

Only current Year 12 students should attend this course in 2018. Changes to the Year 12 syllabus will be introduced in 2019. This course content is therefore not suitable for current Years 10 – 11 students.

Delivery Style

The course is a mixture of discussions led by the teacher, and general class discussion. Students are encouraged to participate actively by asking questions and raising issues important to them. There will be some written exercises, as well as consideration of relevant HSC documents such as Syllabus requirements and past HSC exam responses and marker feedback.


Students will receive all the materials they will need for the course. This will include a course booklet containing extracts and a second booklet with previous questions and answers.

Course Evaluation

This course will be evaluated via an online student questionnaire delivered in class.

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  • Excellent workshop which catered for my HSC needs.

HSC English - Advanced Exam Preparation Course (September)

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - HSC English”}</p><p>This course offers last-minute practice and advice for HSC English Advanced students. It covers Papers 1 (Area of Study) and 2 (Modules 1-3) of the