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HSC Mathematics Preparation Course - General 2 (Part 1) (January)

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This course is the first in a series of three Mathematics General 2 courses and provides consolidation of key content and skills from the Mathematics General Preliminary course. The topics covered in this course include algebra and equations, similar figures and trigonometry, and earning money and taxation. This course is designed to review key material, and also provide advice and tips related to studying and examination technique, in order to maximise student performance.

This course is part of a 3-part series covering key areas from within this subject’s syllabus. Other courses include HSC Mathematics Preparation Course – General 2 (Part 2) (April) and HSC Mathematics Preparation Course – General (Part 3) (July). Students do not need to attend all three parts in order to benefit.


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Perform calculations related to earning and investing money, interest and taxation.
  • Understand the principles of a range of sampling techniques and display and analyse single data sets.
  • Use metric units of measurement to solve a range of problems involving rates and ratios, perimeter, area and volume, similarity and trigonometry.
  • Compare relative frequency and experimental probability.
  • Apply algebraic techniques to interpret and use mathematical models.
  • Answer a range of questions based on the topics covered.
  • Critically evaluate their own and others' solutions to improve the quality of responses in assessment tasks.
  • Interpret mathematical language of examination questions to better understand the requirements of a quality solution.


(Aligned to NESA Syllabus Reference Points)

The following topics from the Mathematics General Preliminary syllabus will be covered:

  • FM1 Earning and managing money.
  • FM2 Investing money
  • FM3 Taxation.
  • DS1 Statistics and society, data collection and sampling.
  • DS2 Displaying and interpreting single data sets.
  • DS3 Summary statistics.
  • MM1 Units of measurement and applications.
  • MM2 Applications of perimeter, area and volume.
  • MM3 Similarity of two-dimensional figures, right angled triangles.
  • PB1 Relative frequency and probability.
  • AM1 Algebraic manipulation.
  • AM2 Interpreting linear relationships.

Delivery Style

This Mathematics General 2 course is delivered as activity-based workshops where students explore and apply mathematical knowledge and skills in a combination of lectures, tutorials and problem-solving sessions. Practice exercises are carefully graded and students receive immediate feedback. Study skills and examination techniques will also be emphasised.


  • A Course Booklet including theory and worked examples, covering all syllabus dot points from the relevant topics.
  • Solutions to all questions in the course notes.
  • HSC Questions from recent years on the relevant topics, with sample answers provided.

Course Evaluation

This course will be evaluated via an online student questionnaire delivered in class.

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