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Brian Brennan


Brian Brennan hold a Master’s degree with honours in Classical Studies and a Ph.D in Ancient History. He has specialised in the religious and cultural history of the Later Roman World, concentrating first on Roman Egypt and then on Gaul, from the Romans through to the successor kingdom of the Frankish kings of the Merovingian dynasty. He has published a number of journal articles on Late Roman and Gallic topics.

Brian has visited Italy numerous times and led many study tours to Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum. He has published in the Bulletin of the History of Archaeology on the Herculaneum site and Amedeo Maiuri, its excavator. Brian is also the author of Herculaneum A Roman Town Reborn and Herculaneum A Sourcebook, a collection of translated inscriptions and graffiti from the ancient town.

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