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Chadia Gedeon-Hajjar

Chadia Gedeon-Hajjar


Since I left Lebanon in 1988 to attend the Francophone Film Festival in Paris, where my film Lebanon Despite Everything was screening, I realised that my departure from the city of Beirut would be long term and lead to many changes in new countries. From Paris, I took the road to Casablanca, Algeria, Melbourne, Adelaide and finally Sydney, where I have been living for the past 14 years.

Since settling in Sydney, I have worked in a number of roles – as a foreign correspondent to satellite Arabic Televisions in Dubai, a journalist/reporter for local Arabic newspapers, a TAFE and High School teacher, a bilingual University examiner and marker, a Pre-Employment Trainer, and a digital media teacher. I received several awards for my work in the film industry and visual arts. Teaching Arabic and French languages was always on the agenda, and a challenge that never stopped opening new horizons to my sense of discovery of human nature. Exploring new avenues to teach adults can, in some form, encapsulate all previous life experiences, as it offers a more challenging ground for growth and self development.

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