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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook. Communicate more effectively by connecting efficiently with others.

Learn Outlook to increase your day-to-day productivity. Send, receive and file email, keep track of contacts, make appointments, invite people to meetings and create to-do lists. Improve collaboration by assigning and accepting tasks, and sharing mailboxes, calendars, contacts and notes with other users in your organisation. Our Microsoft Outlook classes will take you beyond using Outlook as an email application and you’ll learn the rich set of features that make Outlook one of the world’s most popular personal information managers. Learn Microsoft Outlook the smart way with Microsoft Outlook courses at CCE, the University of Sydney.

Microsoft Outlook and OneNote Course

Microsoft Office. All the office productivity tools you need. Perfect your digital time management skills with this one-day course covering the most useful functions in Microsoft OneNote and Outlook. As Microsoft products and Outlook 365 become pervasive across businesses, so to too does the need to effectively manage functions within this software. In this course, you will learn to organise your projects and to generate and share notes, meeting minutes, photos and ideas. You will... [More]
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