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Art history

Art history

Art history. Explore humankind’s amazing cultural heritage.

Art history explores the major masterpieces produced over our history, and the philosophical and moral contexts of their eras. Art history courses at the Centre for Continuing Education will take you on fascinating journeys through the major artistic trends of different periods, giving you a much wider appreciation of art both old and new.

Backed by the University of Sydney, our experienced educators are all experts in their fields. You’ll find the classes lively and informative, with plenty of absorbing case studies of individual works of art and the societies from which they have sprung.

Art history courses at the Centre for Continuing Education are highly recommended for anyone with an interest in human art and culture over the ages. Study objects of art and their historical development the smart way with art history courses at CCE, the University of Sydney.

Art History Course: Michelangelo meets Sinan

History. See the future. It’s in the past. Join us for an exploration of early modern Ottoman art compared with the artwork of the Renaissance in Italy. We will particularly focus on the works of Michelangelo and of Sinan, looking at the artists' thematic representations in their major works, including the Last Judgement and Rustern Pasha Mosque. We will also look at how the work of each artist inspires spiritual and inward contemplation, and establishes a connection between the... [More]
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Art History Course: Representations of the Body

Art history. Explore humankind’s amazing cultural heritage. Representation of the body in art can be understood as the most profound expressions of human experiences and emotions – from the universal to the personal. This course takes participants on a journey of insight into key artistic movements from the Renaissance to modernism. You will learn how early artists explored the body, the development of innovative artistic techniques they used to do this, and the insight they... [More]
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