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A Weekend of Watercolour Course

Painting. Picture yourself painting.

COVID-19 update: arrangement of our courses

We are now delivering courses both online and in-person. Please check the delivery format for each class before you enrol.

Please note that course materials for all classes (excluding prescribed textbooks) are shared electronically within 48 hours of a course starting. Printing is not available.

Have you ever thought you might enjoy watercolour painting? It’s such a wonderfully soft and expressive medium, quite delicate; but dynamic. Then this relaxed weekend could be just for you.

Your tutor, a master of fine art, will guide you, step-by-step, through the basic techniques and skills. After spending just a weekend learning watercolour, you will have attained the confidence to paint pictures you will be proud to show your family and friends, as well as having a brand new means of artistic expression at your fingertips.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • recognise the complexity of watercolour painting
  • recognise the nuances of colour and colour mixing
  • identify where light and contrast are seen in painting
  • employ some of the various watercolour painting techniques available
  • see and relate to painting form in its many guises
  • obtain confidence in the knowledge that you are now able to paint almost any subject.


This course covers the following topics:

  • colour identification
  • colour mixing and application
  • composition and subject matter.

Intended audience

Suitable for anyone new to art or those who have some previous experience. Everyone will begin to learn on the same footing – from the fundamentals.


Please bring along the following:


  • Drawing board: a little larger than A4
  • Brushes: medium size soft wash brush, and three round, soft brushes size 2, 4 & 6
  • Sponges: small natural sea sponge
  • Pencils and rulers: HB or H pencil and an ordinary ruler
  • Rubber: hard white Staedler rubber
  • Masking tape (artist quality)
  • Water container: jam jar or equivalent
  • Mixing dishes: an ordinary large white china plate
  • Masking fluid: watercolour masking fluid.


Either tubes or pans (ie paint box pans) of the following watercolour paints:

  • Reds: Cadmium Red & Alizarin Crimson
  • Yellows: Cadmium Yellow, Lemon & Yellow Ochre
  • Greens: Hookers, Sap & Viridian
  • Blues: Cerulean, Ultramarine & Cobalt
  • Browns: Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber & Raw Sienna.

Note: Black and white watercolour paints are not needed.


  • Canson, 300gm watercolour pad, medium texture, size A4

Note: we recommend waiting until one week prior to the first class before buying any materials. We cannot refund any funds spent on materials if the class is cancelled.

Subject matter

Your subject matter can be taken from a photograph, so please bring along a selection of your favourites. Photograph ideas include:

  • animals, birds or favourite pets
  • people or family members
  • a favourite holiday destination
  • a still life group
  • a flower study.

Recommended art suppliers

Fine Art Papers Pty Ltd
110 Johnston Lane
Annandale NSW 2038
Ph. 02 9660 1182

Newtown Art Supplies
15 Wilson Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Ph. 02 9516 2339

North Shore Art Supplies
10 George Street
Hornsby NSW 2077
Ph. 02 9476 0202

Oxford Art Supplies
221/223 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021
Ph. 02 9360 4066


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Course materials – yours to keep
  • CCE Statement of Completion

What others say.

  • Great course, great tutor, great food, great venue. Doing the next course next weekend.

  • This course has given me enough knowledge and encouragement to kick-start creative capabilities with water colour. The tutor has the energy that inspires confidence, and helped me create something I never thought I could in just a weekend.

  • A very engaging weekend of watercolour. The teaching and guidance from the tutor allowed me to learn the basics in a safe environment, whilst at the the same time I was allowed to begin to develop my own style. Great teacher. I loved the environment and felt pampered! Will definitely continue to develop my art in watercolour.

  • All excellent. Great tutor, course and venue. A weekend well spent!

  • A great teacher. This course was a real pleasure and has given me the confidence to paint for myself.

  • The teacher was helpful and tended to each of us. Especially as a beginner, it was easy to become embarrassed and want to give up, but we were encouraged not only to complete it, but to be proud of our work. It was an enjoyable weekend and I was impressed by what everyone had accomplished.

  • A great intro to the art of watercolour. Able to keep exploring on my own for a while. Lovely helpful teacher.

  • A fantastic tutor who encouraged students to find their personal style whilst guiding them in the art of water colour painting. Thank you for a fantastic weekend.

  • A great pleasure to attend the course, excellent presenter. An enjoyable experience in all aspects.

A Weekend of Watercolour Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Painting”}</p><p>{block name:“Block - COVID 19 updates”}</p><p>Have you ever thought you might enjoy watercolour painting? It’s such a wonderfully soft and expressive


What others say.

  • Really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who is beginning to paint with water colours. Thank you.
  • Hugely enjoyable - the tuition, the people, everything was perfect!
  • This is an excellent course delivered by a highly professional artist in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment - can’t recommend it enough!
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