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Screenwriting Course: From Concept to Feature Film Script

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For anyone contemplating being a screenwriter, a career in filmmaking or just interested in a greater appreciation of how films are put together, this course is a must. An excellent screenplay story is at the heart of every great film and this course will teach you how to write one. You will learn the fundamentals of writing for a market to the writer’s relationship with the director and producer.


In this course you will learn the screenplay structure, how to create captivating film characters and to use dramatic strategies effectively. Writing a film is a craft and once you learn the guidelines you will have the confidence to begin your own film story.


After successful completing this screenwriting course you will:

  1. Know what ideas are likely to be successful movie ideas
  2. Know how to tell a visual story
  3. Know how to approach the writing process as a professional
  4. Understand the component parts of a script and how they support one another
  5. Be able to judge the worth of a script by it’s essential parts


  • Writing for a market
  • Understanding genre
  • Creating a premise
  • Creating a ‘logline’ to sell your concept
  • The importance of plot and character arcs
  • Creating a step-outline and understanding why you start with the ending
  • Understanding how to introduce your 3D characters
  • Writing a synopsis as an industry tool
  • Creating a ‘beatsheet’ with clusters of scenes
  • Writing a treatment for a feature film
  • Formatting a screenplay
  • The scene as a mini-movie
  • Trouble-shooting the first draft
  • Copyright, options and agents

Intended Audience

This is a course aimed at anyone interested in writing their own screen story or someone who would like a greater understanding of how scripts are written.

Delivery Style

This screenwriting course is delivered as an interactive lecture where participant participation is strongly encouraged.

Recommended Reading

Read screenplays of movies you’ve seen.


You will receive pages of a professionally written script that the trainer has written. You will also see a film as a case study.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion

What others say.

  • The presenter is experienced, knowledgeable and very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in film.

  • Very pleased with the degree of information, insight and guidance. The content regarding subjects, strategies, formatting and various aspects regarding the industry, were all great. Everything was conveyed clearly and accurately. A lot of solid information overall. Practical and compelling delivery from the tutor. Happy with the experience, very helpful.

Screenwriting Course: From Concept to Feature Film Script
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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