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Philosophical Investigations Course: Religion Vs Science: Friends or Foes?

Philosophy. Study the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.

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According to some thinkers, science and religion are radically opposed and irreconcilable; according to others, one is “lame” or “blind” without the other; others still argue that they are non-overlapping but magisterial domains of knowledge.

In this philosophy course we will examine three questions carefully: 1) what is the relationship between them? To what extent are they “foes”? To what extent are they compatible or reconcilable?
Join us and find out in this fully illustrated day.


At the completion of this philosophy course students should have:

  1. an understanding of the nature of science and religion.
  2. an understanding of the relationship between the two.
  3. an understanding of contemporary philosophical debates about science religion and the search for meaning.


This Philosophy course will explore the following topics:

  • Introduction: “Science”? “Religion”?
  • The Warfare Model.
  • The Compatibility Model.
  • The search for meaning: “non-overlapping magisteria”?

Recommended Reading

  • Ayer, The Meaning of Life
  • Einstein, A., Religion and Science, available here.
  • Dawkins, The God Delusion
  • Gould, SJ, Non-Overlapping Magisteria
  • Grayling, The God Argument
  • Hanfling, The Search for Meaning
  • Heisenberg, Physics and Reality


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