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Foundations of Jewish Family Living Course I

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In partnership with the Department of Hebrew, Biblical & Jewish Studies
Course materials developed by The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning - a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For specific enquiries regarding the program, please contact Jillian Fine on 0410 497 870 or email.

This series of five lessons developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem aims to provide a thought-provoking encounter with many of the core values of Judaism. This in turn will enable parents to take the conversation home and be a teacher to their own children. Each topic is anchored by a foundational ‘Master Story’ that has come to be identified with, or can be connected to, a specific Jewish value.

According to Rabbi Michael Goldberg, who first coined the term ‘Master Story’, the fundamental beliefs, worldviews, and faith of both secular and religious thought are derived from and based on “bedrock” stories. Just as children divine meaning and significance from their earliest bedtime stories, adults turn to foundational stories from where they derive meaning, ethical attitudes, and perspectives on life.


At the end of the course participants will:

  1. Have explored the notion of being made in God’s image is the basis for Jewish morality through traditional and contemporary texts
  2. Have analysed several ‘Master Stories’ which highlight a particular Jewish value, ritual, holiday or perspective of the foundational stories of Judaism
  3. Have the learning, the language and the confidence to decide which Jewish values they wish to instil in their children

Course content

This Jewish family living course will cover the following topics:

  • A Year of Values: Exploring Values through Festivals.
  • Reflecting the Source.
  • The Gift of Self-Improvement.
  • Embracing the Other.
  • Living Beyond the Day to Day.


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